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She isn’t typically the person who would immediately be famous—but she is, now.  Maybe because the funny and quirky Marjorry ‘Majo’ Lingat, aka the You Do Note Girl that broke the internet some weeks ago, is actually a 9-year-old timid but ambitious dreamer from Floridablanca, Pampanga who actually did something amazing. 

Although surrounded by plenty of her peers, you will be curious about her quiet demeanor for a while. But, this is just one aspect of her persona—for remember, this is the same girl who blurted out the now-famous “You do note, the liar is my peyk.”

Stripping her off from the kid in that viral video, Majo is the kind of girl who would want to sit on your lap while you’re conversing with her.  

In an exclusive interview with, You Do Note Girl Majo brings us closer to her personal life along with her family: Mommy Mary Ann, Daddy John Mariano, Ate Kylie, and Baby CJ.

An admirable daughter

“Tinitignan niya lang ‘yung busbos ng bahay. ‘Yung butas ng bahay.” 

That is how Majo wakes up in the morning—on her own, and without alarm clocks. “Maligo ‘yun. Bibili na kami ng almusal, nakalagay na sa lamesa. Kinukuha na lang niya. Kumakain siya,” Mommy Mary Anne tells

Meanwhile, her 11-year-old big sister is the complete opposite. Majo usually wakes her Ate Kylie just to prevent her from being late to class. By 6 AM, they both have to leave their humble square-shaped house.

Carrying either ten or twenty pesos in her pocket (depending on her father’s luck at work as a construction worker), Majo buys her merienda in school. If she has the bigger amount, she eats lugaw and tokwa partnered with a juice drink. However, if she has the smaller amount, lumpiang gulay and a chocolate drink will do. Sometimes, she eats kwek-kwek outside their school after classes.

Her favorite subject is Mathematics, and while she does not really excel, it is something she pursues everyday. “Kasi po gusto ko matuto ng plus, minus, divide, multiplication,” Majo points out. For her age, being in fifth grade can be considered advanced. 

When Majo gets home, she does her favorite activities diligently—doing the household chores. She is not even asked by her parents to do them: Majo just loves keeping their house clean and in order. “Magligpit ng kutson (the family shares a mattress that they put on the floor), at magwalis, at maghugas ng pinggan,” she shares about her favorites.

Once she gets satisfied with doing the chores, the kid in her goes out to play in the neighborhood. “Minsan po 10-20, minsan po piko tsaka po habul-habulan. Favorite ko po piko,” she shares in a gleeful tone. Despite her fame, Majo values her childhood friends so much, saying that they will always be the friends she wants to play with.

She realizes she also spent more time outside the house when their television broke down a year ago. 

“Malabo siya, pero nakukuha mo naman yung palabas,” Daddy John Mariano explains their television’s condition. He was not aware that his middle child had to watch Kapamilya shows in their neighbor’s house, but Mommy Mary Ann allowed her as long as she would come home for lunch.  Little did they know that Majo’s fixation for Kapamilya shows will actually shape her future. 

38-year-old Daddy John Mariano works in Manila as a construction worker. He only comes home every Saturday. “'Pag malayo, minsan dalawang linggo [wala ako],” he adds. He also tried his luck in Saudi Arabia but eventually came back. On the other hand, 37-year old Mommy Mary Ann does laundry services and worked as a factory worker for a bag company for two months—before Majo rose to fame. 

According to Daddy John Mariano, Majo is their most understanding child. They never had a problem buying her toys because she never did ask for them. 

“Minsan po nakatanggap ako ng laruan, binigay ko po sa kapatid kong panlalaki. ‘Yung sa ate ko naman po binigyan ko siya ng marshmallow,” Majo says. 

Majo also shares her family’s most difficult times. “Gabi pong ‘di kami kumakain, umiinom lang ng tubig. Wala na po kasing pera eh. Nung Grade 3 po ako, ten na lang baon namin. Okay lang po basta makatapos kami ng pag-aaral.  Malungkot.” 

During these times of trials, her parents would decide to borrow money from a loan shark just to survive the day.  Happily, Majo shares, “Konti na lang po bayad na po siya.”

You do note girl achieves her dreams

Majo loves singing and dancing, but she was never the kind of girl who would show it in public. Performing a monologue is also one of the things she enjoys doing. Mommy Mary Ann and Daddy John Mariano reveal that the only time Majo does monologue is when no one is watching.

It thus came as a surprise to Mary Anne one day as she came home from work, and the neighborhood started telling her how amazing her daughter was in a video.

“Anong video-video pagsabi-sabi niyo diyan? Hindi ko naman alam yun, ah. Nagulat na lang ako nung ipakita nila yung video ng anak ko. Ang galing galing pala ng anak ko. Proud ka,” she recounts.

Daddy John Mariano was also surprised himself, while at the same time emotional and proud.

When Majo took the viral “You do note” video using neighbor Ellaine’s phone camera, all she ever wanted was to randomly throw lines from the hit teleserye Kadenang Ginto. Her video, which featured her video versions of the famous exchanges in the hit serye, was easily picked up and talked about—and the response was wild.  

Screenshot from Twitter (@imitndy)

It became known to the teleserye’s fans as early as April, but it gained nationwide recognition in July.  In her videos, Majo imitates the fight between the Mondragons. She also delivers lines from Dimples Romana’s character Daniela disallowing Cassie, played by Francine Diaz, to go to school. Apart from that, Majo also shows her sassy side copying Andrea Brillantes’ character Marga.

Majo’s lines from her viral video became an audio template on Tiktok, a phone application for short-form mobile videos which made her more popular. Celebrities started using her audio on Tiktok including Jason Dy and Christian Bables. Meanwhile, Kadenang Ginto stars Andrea Brilllantes and Francine Diaz took videos copying her lines. 

Photo from Twitter (@slayingchin)

Photo from Twitter (@iamandrea_b )

On July 28, Majo took her dreams to the next level as she was invited to the Sunday comedy chat show Gandang Gabi Vice together with the cast of Kadenang Ginto.  

Screenshot from ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube Channel

She also had her first endorsement for a hotel in July 30 (according to Majo’s parents, they get free accommodation in that hotel every time they go to Manila for their daughter’s projects).

Majo appeared in Umagang Kay Ganda early in August where she showed more of her mimicking skills and doing celebrity poses with Amy Perez and Ariel Ureta.

Screenshot from ABS-CBN News Youtube Channel

Days after, the You Do Note girl exchanged lines with Momshie Melai Cantiveros in the morning show Magandang Buhay

Screenshot from ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube Channel

Nothing could have stopped Majo from capturing our hearts when she also got interviewed by MYX VJ and host Robi Domingo where she mistook Kathryn Bernardo as Daniel Padilla’s mother; she also referred to Alden Richards as Alden Padilla. 

Screenshot from MYX Philippines Youtube Channel

“‘Di n’ya alam pinagsasabi nya nu’n. Hindi naman siya tinuruan. Iniwan lang namin siya sa kwarto, si Robi ang bahala,” Mommy Mary Ann remembers. The rest was history. 

And surprise: a billboard in EDSA will soon rise with Majo and actor Tony Labrusca in it (Majo shared that the pictorial was already finished). 

“Happy” seems to be Majo’s favorite word as of now—she has achieved her dreams of making it on national TV and meeting her heroes from the children’s TV show Team Yey!.

She, however, has still a lot on her bucket list: meet Anne Curtis and star in a movie with Vice Ganda and Daniel Padilla.

“Pinapa-practice nila ako para makuha ko,” Majo shares. You can really tell it in her eyes that she wants to enter showbiz, more than anything, to help her family.  “Mabigyan sila ng bahay tsaka ‘di na sila magtrabaho,” Majo says, regarding her dreams for her parents—a comfortable life in a comfortable home.  “May hagdanan. ‘Yung bubong papataasan, tapos sa taas na kami matutulog…may aircon.”

Whenever she is asked about her parents, Majo always smiles, feeling grateful for the support she receives. “Maraming salamat kay Mama at Papa. Andito lang sila.”  And lastly—and quite amusingly—she acknowledges the people she does not know personally: “Maraming maraming salamat sa mga fans ko.”

She’s never been happier—and we do note that. 


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