As the wife of the People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao, Jinkee Pacquiao takes care of their household and keeps their family warm with her motherly love. She definitely deserves the blessings she receives, including the recent luxury car she shared on Instagram on October 5. 

The posh vehicle is a customized van, ideal for many passengers on long trips. It has multiple well-cushioned captain chairs with a footrest feature. Installed by car customizers, a captain chair does not usually come with the vehicle upon purchase. Many celebrity vans choose to have captain chairs because of the comfort they give after a long day at work.

Looking closely, Jinkee’s van also has a good source of light coming from the roof. Take notice of the hovering small dots as they are turned on to resemble a starry night, a perfect view when resting and the main light is turned off. 

Last May, Jinkee also showed on Instagram their awesome Hummer, which matched her yellow outfit. The photo was taken in their family home in General Santos City. 

Jinke also takes her selfies as she gets cozy inside the car. She always goes extra with her elegant accessories.

It is so cute seeing her travel with their youngest son Israel who easily catches some Zs in a vehicle. He cannot even let go of her mother’s hand!

When Jinkee went to Japan with her family during Holy Week this year, she also shared on her Instagram Stories a photo of herself in an orange dress and an Hermes bag as she steps out of her car.

Well, maybe carrying designer bags inside the car is no rare event for her as shared a photo of her with a Louis Vuitton bag, plus to-die-for jewelry, and Valentino rockstud flats in 2018, too.

Lastly, here is a photo of Jinkee where she is not all glam and dolled up inside her car. She also goes out gym-ready for the day!