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From living in a condo, to a simple townhouse, a modern-looking house, and now a stunning abode up in a secluded area of Antipolo, Team Kramer has stepped it up a notch with this new blessing which they’ve prayed and worked hard for.



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The team was warmly greeted by the Kramer family on a sunny afternoon, and Doug and Chesca candidly narrated how it was built from scratch. According to Doug, this home was just an icing on the cake, and he said that they were satisfied with their previous disposition as a family, despite facing some financial issues back then.


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“I mean, yeah, it’s spacious and it’s a big house. But if you were to say that we weren’t contented before, then I would disagree. We were happy and contented in the condo and our other homes. We weren’t miserable. But hard work will make you reap the fruits of your labor,” he said.

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Being the spiritual and God-fearing family that they were, they never questioned their circumstances and remained faithful to God. Fast forward a couple of years later, they were blessed with a stunning home which one can only dream of. Doug and Chesca chose this place for the fresh air and wanted the kids to have the open area, which they didn't have in their previous homes. 

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Doug clarified that when they uploaded their house tour video when they had just moved in, they didn’t want to seem as if they were bragging about the house, and he stressed that they were trying to point out something more relevant. “The message is we started renting, we had no money, we were negative in the bank, and we had to take a loan. That’s the journey of Team Kramer. So, if we can’t do it, who are we to separate ourselves from you?” asserted Doug. It was, after all, a message of inspiration for the ordinary dreamer. 


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He said that in order to build the house, they had an architect and an engineer, but they did not hire an interior designer because they wanted to conceptualize everything themselves, especially its theme.  “I presented that to Chesca. I also said I didn’t want the whole modern house. I wanted to infuse it with a rustic vibe because we’re living amongst trees and nature. And nature mixed with metal is really nice!” he said excitingly.

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“When you look at the house you’ll see Doug, but when you look at the interior, meaning the furniture and the pieces put together, that’s me. So, I allowed my husband to do what he had to do and then I come in with the furniture and knick knacks,” Chesca explained. 

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She described her and Doug’s tastes, saying, “Doug is more of the modern guy. Me naman I grew up with a lot of antiques and paintings in the house. So, we basically just put together what we both like. For him, less is more. For me naman, more is more. So, I always like to put a lot of things. We try to meet halfway.”

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According to Doug, he learned from the mistakes that he made in their previous home, therefore he was very thorough with his research. “In the old house, we had a small generator and it was manual, so here I put an automatic transfer switch. I wanted to have solar panels to help ease the electric bill a bit. Then the water purification system and filtration system—I put all of that because as much as possible, I wanted us to sustain our living here. And it’s also because we’re detached from the city.”


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Now that they have what they’ve always dreamed of, we couldn’t help but ask, what makes a house a home?  Chesca paused for a moment then answered, “What makes a house a home for me are the people in it who you want to come home to.”

As for Doug, he replied by saying, “A functioning family. That’s a home. I would rather pray for a small house or a two bedroom house, if it’s gonna make our relationship and our family work. Even Chesca would say that.”

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In the Team Kramer household, rest assured there is nothing but palpable closeness and love that runs deep within the family.

Ready for some home envy? Let’s take a closer look at Team Kramer’s out-of-this-world home!

Art Director:Alfred Amado

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