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With hard work and dedication, it’s no surprise that Robi Domingo has come a long way from his early years in showbiz. His charming and witty demeanor has certainly enthralled audiences, making him one of the most sought-after hosts to date. 

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The Kapamilya star was his casual and friendly self during an exclusive interview with, where he opened up about his personal life and his journey in showbiz.


 Robi was fortunate enough to belong to a happy family, and he had nothing but fond memories about his childhood. “It was a good family. I was not a rebel and I didn’t have a lot of hugots. No problems at all,” he said. As a child Robi was quite studious, and would be involved in extra-curricular activities. He made sure that he would hear mass with his family every Sunday. Robi shared that he was very shy when he was young, and he didn’t know much about girls since he only had a brother. He also studied in the Ateneo, which is an all-boys school. “I didn’t know how to talk to girls, so in grade school and high school I was medyo torpe,” he said, chuckling.

Photo from Instagram (@iamrobidomingo)

Since his parents were both doctors, it made him want to pursue medicine because he found himself fascinated by this field, especially when he would read about it in books. He then took up Pre-Med in college, and got a degree in Health Sciences. He was supposed to continue on with his studies in Medicine after graduating, but decided to turn over a new leaf and focus on showbiz. “One of the bosses of ABS-CBN told me, ‘You know you’ve been working since college’. Kasi after high school I auditioned for PBB (Pinoy Big Brother), then I got in. And while I was doing ABS-CBN work I was also studying,” he elaborated.


Photo from Instagram (@iamrobidomingo)

His mother was the one who urged him to try out for showbiz, which was something he never considered doing. Despite the fact that his parents are doctors, they continued to be supportive of Robi’s endeavors when he joined the riveting world of showbiz. 


It can be recalled that in 2008, Robi joined Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus, where he emerged as the 1st Big Placer of the reality game show. However, he revealed that he had his reservations and began to doubt himself. As time went by, Robi was able to perform all the tasks and realized he had come a long way already, something that took him by surprise. “For the first week, I could honestly say that I wanted to get out already. But then the first week became two weeks, until it became 11 weeks, and then it was really weird for me,” he said, bewildered. 

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Soon enough, people started to take notice of Robi’s skills, and opportunities started to pour in, particularly in hosting. Robi shared that before entering the entertainment industry, he never did any hosting gigs, and didn’t really put that much thought into it, given his shy personality. But eventually, he grew fond of it, till it became a profession that the former PBB contender is very passionate about. “It was something really new. I don’t just get to talk to people but I also hear different kinds of stories and that’s what I like to do. I love going all love the world, hearing stories, and at the same time, tell my stories to other people. I also like laughing a lot. I like smiling and just hanging around people,” he said. Robi continued on excitingly: “Another good thing about hosting for me is listening. I get to also listen to people and I get to listen to myself. And I get to listen to what my body and what my dreams want for myself.”


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Apart from hosting, Robi has also ventured into the world of vlogging, and was recognized for his efforts. The Kapamilya star recently received a Silver Play Button Award for garnering more than 400k subscribers on his YouTube channel.  “Until now I can’t believe that I received that award. But I tell you it’s really hard—conceptualizing, shooting and editing. Especially trying to get what the people want,” he said. Another milestone in Robi’s career was when he was named Best Reality Show Host at the 2019 EdukCircle Award, something that the celeb was very grateful for. 

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But when asked what was the most memorable time of his career, Robi replied, “When I was hailed as the 1st Big Placer, I went out of that small room and then I saw this crowd, and 70% of the people were wearing blue and chanting my name. And then my dad went up to me and uttered 3 special words: proud of you. That’s it.” 

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Just like everyone else, Robi wasn’t immune from the hurdles in life, as his relationship with a former flame started to crumble. “There was a time in my life when I was really, really sad, because of a certain mishap in a relationship. And I had lots of issues with a certain someone. So, I converted that sadness into something financial [such as putting up businesses]. I was heartbroken. I didn’t have anyone with me.”

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On top of that, Robi felt that his career had plateaued. “PBB and The Voice wasn’t there, and I was going to ABS-CBN just for MYX and ASAP, which was irregular for me. And I didn’t have a lot of events either. So, I felt like this is how it feels to be laos.” Robi paused for a moment and said seriously, “So what I did was, I kept going to places, like…bars. That was the lowest part of my life. I was also losing money already. So sabi ko, maybe I should do something with this money. I should monetize my sadness.”

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Due to the unfortunate circumstances that was transpiring in Robi’s life, he seemed distracted and couldn’t focus on his work properly. “People noticed, especially the bosses. But it all turned around,” he stressed.  


On a lighter note, Robi decided to takes matters into his own hands and choose to be productive. He was keen on making smarter decisions, partnering with his brother and friends who taught him how to invest his money wisely by putting up  a milk tea business. “You have to invest, you have to be wise. And you have to think long term,” he pointed out. He also met up with a college friend, who introduced him to different kinds of burgers, and eventually they put up their own burger place. 

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Unlike before, Robi has learned how to take things lightly and is now able to face ordeals that comes his way. “Whenever I feel sad, disheartened, or when I’m being bashed, I’d always go to that moment [with my dad], and remind myself that I don’t have to prove myself because I’ve already proven myself to my family. And that is what matters,” he emphasized.

Robi carried on by stating, “I don’t know why, but I love reading comments and hate stuff about me now. Maybe because it’s my way of trying to get all that energy and transform it into something really good. Like they’ll say all these things about me, but I’ll prove you wrong.”

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When asked how he was in terms of his love life, Robi answered, without divulging into the details, blushing, “I’m happy.”

Needless to say, Robi continues to have a thriving career in the industry, and sees himself doing this in the long-run. “Hopefully I would still be here doing what I do which is talking to people. I got all these pegs! Part of the plan is to develop my personality and get it out to the people,” he said.

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And because of everything that Robi has done, he is now finally able to reap the fruits of his labor. One example is his new ride that he purchased for himself. Let’s take a closer look at his eye-catching car!


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