There’s a culture of love teams in the Philippines that has been prevalent for many years. When you’re a love team, it’s almost an unwritten rule that you’re going to be paired together come hell or high water. Be it in films, series, or commercials, you come as one whole package. Even in real life, everyone is curious if your chemistry extends beyond the camera.

However, this rule is now being challenged, as we’ve noticed in recent times. Popular love teams are no longer afraid to venture outside their pairings, opting to work as individuals with their own goals and dreams. A prime example of it is the tandem of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, or JaDine, which has a devoted following and one of the most popular love teams to date.

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Projects as a pair

Like many popular tandems, they’re also a real-to-reel couple. Even before they got together, many fans have long shipped the two, noticing their electrifying chemistry from the start. We literally mean in the very beginning: when they first met during James Reid’s music video called Alam Niya Ba back in 2013.



Obviously, this is not the last we saw of the duo—as fans clamored for more, the music video was followed by Wattpad-based films Ang Diary ng Panget and Talk Back And You’re Dead in 2014. This was also the year when they had a brief stint in Wansapanataym titled My App #Boyfie.

With the newest love team of ABS-CBN gaining traction, the pair was unstoppable by the time they lead-starred in the TV series On the Wings of Love in 2015 and became leads in the film Para Sa Hopeless Romantic during the same year. They could also be spotted in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 entry titled The Beauty And The Bestie.

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The following year, they were the leads in the film This Time and in the series Till I Met You.

Behind the camera

As a love team, the two have denied having romantic feelings for one another, proclaiming that they’re simply friends, until something special happened to the delight of many fans. During their 2016 concert titled JaDine in Love in the Smart Araneta Coliseum, James surprised everybody as he told Nadine, “I love you.”

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Since then, the two were official as official can be, being romantic and stirring kilig vibes all around.

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Amid rumors this year, James even declared that they are now living together. It was during an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice a few months ago, where James spilled more sweet revelations of how he is as a boyfriend, which sent social media into a frenzy, and all JaDine fans were simultaneously tweeting, “SANA ALL!”

Going solo

Sweetness aside, it’s evident that the two want to go beyond being known as a tandem. They were making a name for themselves before being a love team, and even when they became a couple, the two didn’t forget the desire to grow as individuals, and pursue their own passions, too.

2019 provided more such opportunities for both of them. While we heard James and Nadine backing out of projects Pedro Penduko and Miracle at Cell No. 7 respectively, we saw their many successful attempts at venturing on their own. The first we see to go astray the love team tradition is James, where he took part in Miss Granny, led by Sarah Geronimo. That is not to mention his focus on being a music label CEO, cultivating his record label Careless Music Manila that launched just last year.

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It was also this year when Nadine, for the first time, is paired with a different lead. Starring alongside Carlo Aquino, she signed up for the romantic drama flick titled Ulan, a Viva film directed by Irene Villamor.

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She didn’t stop there. She also starred in Indak, where she is paired with the love team’s friend Sam Concepcion, which was another project by Viva.

Meanwhile, James left fans shookt as he came out with an official statement that he is now leaving Viva Entertainment Inc. And now, with the most recent surprise hitting the fandom: James Reid will star in a new teleserye, alongside someone you would least expect—the Momoland group member Nancy McDonie.

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How it was the last thing anybody suspected is just a testament to how both James and Nadine have been clearly wanting to try new things. In spite of it, their bond remains unaffected, evidenced by James’ latest kilig tweet: