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By Charlie Barredo

It was a fun and pleasant night for Sharon Cuneta and Cherie Gil, the stars involved in one of the entertainment industry's most iconic harapans—that of the alleged 'second-rate, trying hard copycat' and the 'pretentious diva'. The two bonded over dinner last July 13, 2019.   But what made their mini-reunion more memorable was that the two stars posted videos of themselves on their social media accounts, re-enacting this shocking scene from the 1985 drama movie Bituing Walang Ningning. It can be recalled that Sharon portrayed the role of Dorina Pineda, while Cherie played the kontrabida character Lavinia Arguelles.

 Netizens couldn’t get enough of the two celebs as they were, once again, very much impressive with their imposing acting chops. Apart from the videos, fans were also captivated with the endearing photos of the two gal-pals with Sharon’s children. Let’s check out what transpired during Sharon and Cherie’s momentous rendezvous! 



Sharon Cuneta and Cherie Gil are known to be one of the most versatile, and not to mention, most established artists in the entertainment industry to date. But through the years, they were able to keep in touch and remained good friends off-cam, and recently reunited for a girls’ night out. Friendship goals!

Photo from Instagram (@macheriemour)



At the dinner, they even brought a photo of themselves together, back in the day. Good to see that they kept this memorabilia to remind us that you can be BFFs with your co-workers. Good times!



Photo from Instagram (@macheriemour)




Sharon’s daughter Frankie Pangilinan joined in the festivities, and didn’t miss a chance to take a picture with the veteran actress. The two look stunning together, as Frankie continues to blossom into a beautiful young lady, while Cherie hasn’t aged at all. Tita goals!


Photo from Instagram (@macheriemour)



Group shot! Apart from Frankie, Sharon’s other children Miguel and Miel were also at the get-together, joining the two icons. It’s safe to say that Ate Showie just can’t seem to stay away from her anakshies! Such a loving mom! 


Photo from Instagram (@macheriemour)



The night turned into a playful occasion, as Sharon posed with this sosyal-looking pamaypay, and used it to cover her face. What made the photo look hilarious, though, was that the paper fan had Cherie’s famous line, “You're nothing but a second-rate trying hard copycat” written all on it.  


Photo from Instagram (@reallysharoncuneta)



Cherie gave it a go as well, and posed with the amusing fan. Doesn’t this give you the nostalgic feels guys? 


Photo from Instagram (@reallysharoncuneta)




In this video, Sharon and Cherie re-enact the iconic scene from the movie Bituing Walang Ningning, but with a twist. The two actresses switched their roles, with Cherie playing the demure Dorina, while Sharon portrayed the unbecoming Lavinia. Pwede!


 Photo from Instagram (@beverlyromona)



On another note, fans are definitely in for a treat, as Sharon invited them to watch the video she posted on Youtube recently. It can be noted that the material she posted showed her and Cherie re-enacting their famous scene.  It was quite a struggle for them, though, because they could barely keep a straight face and would burst out laughing. Kaloka!


 Photo from Instagram (@beverlyromona)



In another video, the two friends gave a heartfelt message to their friend, talent manager and radio host Noel Ferrer who, according to them, made their reunion possible through his show. Sharon underscored how much she missed Cherie, and added they are keen on making more projects in the future. Yes, please!


Photo from Instagram (@beverlyromona)