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 By Charlie Barredo

Viewers have come to love Francine Diaz as the adorable Cassandra, a.k.a Cassie, in the afternoon drama series Kadenang Ginto. Fans can’t seem to enough of the hit teleserye with all its intense characters and scenes—and that’s why it continues to reign all over the country. Needless to say, Francine has certainly come a long way from her humble beginnings, and has now turned into one of the most promising actresses to date.

But apart from being a versatile actress, audiences have noticed that Francine has turned into quite the fashionista, based on some of the photos she has uploaded on her Instagram account. Let’s take a look at Francine’s cool fashion choices, where we might just learn a thing or two!




Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz)


Wow! Our Francine is ready to rock and roll in this cool red checkered outfit that looks perfect for her age. The crop top makes the whole image look a lot edgier, which accentuates the actress’s cute figure. Rock on!



 Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz)


When Francine isn’t busy shooting at work, she likes to dress down. Here she is sporting a loose black jacket with matching black pants, pairing it off with a simple white shirt. Pretty pa rin!






 Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz)


We all know that our star is known for being girly, but from time to time she likes to try something different with her look by adding something distinctive. The Kapamilya star looks charming in this floral black dress, but added these black sneakers to match her quirky personality. Nice move!





 Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz)


 Francine sure knows how to step things up by donning girly-girl apparel. She exudes this light and ladylike aura, with a light blue top and tight white pants, then finished this classy look off with a cute pair of heels. Ang ganduh!!




 Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz)


Our Cassie has proved that she is a natural beauty, because of the way she can get away with the ‘I just got out of bed look’. The Kadenang Ginto star bears a fresh demeanor in her dark pink sweater and her simple black skirt with her plain white sneaks.




Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz) 


 Doesn’t Francine look dainty in this simple pink dress and her favorite white rubber shoes? It goes to show that the teen actress doesn’t have to wear a lot of add-ons or accessories to look so gorgeous. 




Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz) 


In this photo, Francine is certainly a sight for sore eyes in this colorful floral ensemble and white sandals. She can surely pass for that girl in the Secret Garden movie, with her sitting by the swing. Love it!




 Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz)


Apart from her girly looks, Francine carries herself well in a sporty outfit, and makes it look just as glamorous. The white jackets with colorful accents make our princess stand out even more, along with her black rubber shoes with matching black socks. 




Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz)


Here she is again wearing plaid! Why not when you have a gorgeous face like hers who can get away with anything. Francine emulates a smart vibe with this top, but her playful necklace brings out an feminine feel to the whole look.






 Photo from Instagram (@francinesdiaz)


Placing her running shoes aside, Francine opted for something different by putting on a pair of boots. We’re feeling a bit of a country vibe here, as the young star matched her footwear with some shredded pants and a yellow blouse.