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It’s another dose of MayWard treat for all of you, Flyers! 

After their kilig trip for ASAP Bay Area in San Francisco last month and with Maymay officially releasing her Youtube channel, here’s something to complement your MayWard updates.

We read quite a few fan fiction stories about our favorite love team from Pinoy Big Brother Season 7, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, which made us excited and fall in love even more. 

Urbandictionary.com defines fan fiction as “when someone takes either the story or characters (or both) of a certain piece of work, whether it be a novel, tv show, movie, etc, and create their own story based on it.” It is often abbreviated as fanfic or fanfics.

One of the most popular outlets for fanfics or amateur stories is Wattpad.com, a community for readers and writers on the Internet.

Sit back, relax, and check out this list of MayWard stories for you to read on Wattpad!

1. A Perfect ChristMES

 Photo from Wattpad (MesCommunity)

Christmas is just around the corner! Give this season more reason to love by reading A Perfect ChristMES by MesCommunity. If you’re all about stories made in Simbang Gabi or about a lost love that has come back, then this 18-part novel with Maymay and Edward is for you. There is not much to reveal on the first part about the story, but expect PBB Season 7 alumnus Marco Gallo to be playing a part!

A Perfect ChristMES has earned 14.8k reads on Wattpad, so it is definitely worth your read. 

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/171247599-a-perfect-christmes4

2. Accidentally in Love

Photo from Wattpad (Whimzy_)

There is always something about love stories set in a school or university milieu. Whether you’re still a student or not, Accidentally in Love by Whimzy_ will capture your heart as the student council president Maymay sets off to achieve her dreams. The story only gets complicated as exchange student Edward comes in the picture. 

You still have time to catch up before the ending because the author is still updating the story on Wattpad. It currently has 20k reads.

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/99745672-accidentally-in-love

3. Twin Flames

Photo from Wattpad (goddaymel)

Another MayWard story Twin Flames written by gooddaymel is going to make you believe in soulmates. In this exciting story, Maymay is best friends with another PBB Season 7 alumni Kisses Delavin. Also, take note that Edward is dead here!

It is the second most read fanfic in our list with 108k reads and 4.2 votes. Twin Flames is already completed by the author with 50 parts.

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/90842115-twin-flames-a-mayward-story-%E2%9C%94

4. My Lovely Maid

Photo from Wattpad (kyle_MayWard14344)

If the movie Maid in Manhattan starring American Actress Jennifer Lopez is always in your list of chick flicks, then My Lovely Maid by kyle_MayWard14344 is your next story to read. However, in this Cinderella story, Maymay is caught in a deal to become Edward’s maid. With all the negative forces to set their blooming relationship apart, MayWard has to find a way to fight for love.

My Lovely Maid has 21.4k reads with 17 parts. 

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/143043996-my-lovely-maid-mayward

5. Whoosh 

Photo from Wattpad (MayWardist)

We have heard about a love story developed in school, but in this unique fanfic Whoosh by MayWardist explores the technology by using electronic mail as means of connecting Maymay with her longtime crush Edward. What’s more interesting in this 39-part story is the way chapters are labeled according to days of the week.

Whoosh has 25k reads and more than a thousand votes. 

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/127504854-whoosh-mayward

6. I’d Lie

Photo from Wattpad (mitchiediolie)

Hiding your feelings for someone is tremendously painful, but hiding it from your best friend makes it extra difficult. I’d Lie by mitchiediolie revolves around the story of Maymay who is stuck between confessing her feelings to her best friend Edward or just saving the friendship. Find out how she will get through her love dilemma by reading this story with 17 chapters and 30.8k reads.

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/30732430-i%27d-lie-mayward

7. Be My Valentine

Photo from Wattpad (Axelanic)

Probably the longest MayWard fanfic on Wattpad with 170 parts, Be My Valentine by Axelanic follows the story of the orphan Maymay who was adopted by her evil aunt and Edward who lost his mother to an airplane accident. With their own fair share of sad stories, destiny makes a way to pull them close together. 

Be My Valentine is the most read fanfic in our list with 162k reads and 6.7k votes. 

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/92708229-be-my-valentine%E2%9D%A3%F0%9F%92%8C-mayward-completed

8. All For You

Photo from Wattpad (Zoe_Kryss)

All For You by Zoe_Kryss is all about sacrifice. Edward’s character Ethan is forced to be in a relationship he does not want to be in without his true love Maymay’s character May. People are looking at him, making sure he stays with the person he is currently with. The question is—WHY? 

With 53.3k reads on Wattpad, readers expressed their love for the story and the author through the comments section of the last chapter. They are even asking for part two!

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/85264273-all-for-you-mayward

9. MayWard: Sa Hindi Inaasahang Pagkakataon (SHIP)

Photo from Wattpad (bebangxmw)

Choosing between two people you love is the central theme of MayWard: Sa Hindi Inaasahang Pagkakataon (SHIP) written by bebangxmw. The author, however, does not recommend the fanfic to people who do not faithfully ship MayWard as it involves characters that may affect other shippers or loveteam fans.

The author has been a diehard fan of MayWard since PBB Season 7, so if you see yourself to be one of those solid Flyers, this story with 45.5k reads is made for you!

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/111967816-mayward-sa-hindi-inaasahang-pagkakataon-ship-%E2%9D%A4%EF%B8%8F

10. Together Again

Photo from Wattpad (iamagentviolet)

Last but not least, Together Again by iamagentviolet completes our fanfic list! The story starts from five years ago when the married couple Maymay and Edward fought over the latter’s cheating issues. In order to get back together, someone has to fight to prove that love never went away. 

Together Again has 24.3k reads for 17 parts. Take note that the author turned Grade 10 when the story was finished.

READ HERE: https://www.wattpad.com/story/144062933-together-again-mayward-completed