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It can be recalled that Maja Salvador and Rambo Nunez broke up 9 years ago, only to rekindle their romance once more last 2018.

Maja had always been the breadwinner of the family and chose to focus on her career. But then Maja and Rambo bumped into each other at the NAIA airport, and found out that they were both headed for Japan. They started to catch up again and the rest was history. 

And now the pair seems inseparable, and are even seen exploring the world together. Let’s take a look at some of Maja and Rambo’s memorable moments.



Photo from Instagram (@iammajasalvador)


Just like any other couple, it is obvious that these two love to snack when given the chance. What’s funny though is when the food gets stuck in their teeth, they don’t mind taking pictures of it at all. 




 Photo from Instagram (@iammajasalvador)


Who doesn’t love to hit the beach? Well, it’s something that Maja and Rambo like to do when they want to get away from the city life. And they should head to the shores more often because they look hot in their swimwear!





 Photo from Instagram (@iammajasalvador)


Maja and Rambo like to go all-out during their vacations and go as far as Europe. Here we see them both enjoying the amazing scenery in the countryside. But even if they are surrounded by such beauty, Rambo and Maja can’t seem to take their eyes off each other. 





 Photo from Instagram (@iammajasalvador)


 This couple sure knows how to travel in style—this time, on a luxe private boat. 




 Photo from Instagram (@iammajasalvador)


It’s good to see that these two don’t really take themselves too seriously. It is obvious that Maja and Rambo like to play around with their phone apps as well, and have taken a liking in this particular one where it ages a person’s face.



Photo from Instagram (@iammajasalvador)


The lovebirds sure know how to have some fun! Maja and Rambo felt like kids again as they headed to Disneyland in the United States.  




 Photo from Instagram (@iammajasalvador)


 Don’t Maja and Rambo look sleek and polished in their apparel? Here we have the power couple sporting black suits, giving us a sophisticated vibe. This is a twinning moment right here, too!




 Photo from Instagram (@rambonunez)


Maja and Rambo pack on the PDA whenever and wherever they like. Even when they are travelling, they refuse to shy away from the cameras and like to show the whole world how much they truly love each other. Couple goals, indeed!



Photo from Instagram (@iammajasalvador)


And it’s time to travel...AGAIN! This time, Maja and Rambo are in Times Square, New York and are taking in all the colorful and eclectic ambiance of the Big Apple. Not only are they soulmates but they are also each other’s certified travel buddy.