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She is that kind of tita who is very spontaneous but still manages to keep portions of her life private. The 53-year old singer, TV and theater actress Agot Isidro dares to take on the challenge of playing the role of the cool tita in the iWant series Call Me Tita. 

Photography by Shaira Luna; Credits to Dreamscape Digital and Heaven's Best

As she eats her plant-based dinner right after a photoshoot, Agot excitedly talks about her character, the media-savvy tita Celine and also tells her own personal tita journey in this exclusive StarStudio.ph interview. 

Photography by Shaira Luna; Credits to Dreamscape Digital and Heaven's Best

Q: When was the time you realized that you were a tita?

A: Just recently. Wow! Just recently, no, because I’ve never needed glasses to read. Pretty much I’m okay but siguro I’m in perimenopause stage. The hormones are just out of whack. So my weight is fluctuating, there are packets of fat all over my tummy. Tapos lately I’ve been having hot flashes. That’s when I realized na ‘Ah, Agot, tumatanda ka na.’

Q: Night at the club or spa?

A: Spa. very tita, no? SPAAA.

Q: As a tita, when ordering drinks, what do you instantly get?

A: Depende, but I really like gin and whiskey.

Q: Thoughts on dating?

A: I don’t think there’s an age for you to stop dating. You have to be always open to anything. So, dating at a certain age is fine. It’s like dating when you’re younger, it doesn’t matter.

Q: As a tita, who are the friends you’ll tag along in a brunch and where?

A:  The titas of Call Me Tita. Anywhere where there is mimosa or bellinis o kaya Bloody Mary. Wild Flower, very tita ‘yan.

Q: As a tita, what’s your favorite “tita” item?

A: My glasses. That’s not for reading, ang nag-suffer sakin yung distance. I'm nearsighted.

Q: Is the word "tita" a painful one to hear? 

A: No, it’s not. You embrace it and everyone will go through that, diba? Of course you’ll get to that age—some sooner than others. 

Q: Is it all right for a tita to fall in love with an anak-level man, age-wise?

A: Love does not know any boundaries, even age. I will not look at it differently or parang may smirk ako. Hindi, embrace talaga. I mean, love is love. If you feel something for a person, then good for you. Unless talagang may legal impediment. Like you're married or stuff, medyo hands-off.

Q: What's your most memorable tita moment?

A: Hot flashes talaga ngayon. Majorly, I’m getting them. Nakakahiya, kasi tatanungin mo, ang init grabe. Tapos titingin sila sa'yo, Agot, hindi mainit, malamig. Ayan o, pinagpapawisan ako. It just comes and it’s weird, then it goes even at night talagang magtatanggal ka ng comforter and bed sheets ‘cause you’re feeling so hot in the middle of the night in an aircon room.

Q: How are you similar or different from your character in this series?

A: I am so different. ‘Yung character ko, si Celine. Social media influencer so meron siyang vlog, meron siyang Instagram, she goes to stories. Alam mo yung people who like to document everything that they do. Tapos kabit sya. Yung that kind of no one really frowns upon kasi parang ano naman, kinda accepted that she’s the kabit.  Then ‘yung family pala ng guy ‘di sya accepted and then the thing is it’s very different from me kasi I’m very laid back, ‘di ako hyper. I don't like to document a lot of stuff. You kinda cannot be very private because you’re a public figure kasi people need to know what you're doing also pero not everything. Si Celine, everything. 

Similarities...family comes first. Eventually, ‘yun nga she realizes that she has to self-care. Parang ako naman. I will give time to myself. Malalaman niyo later.

Although Agot differs from Celine in terms of letting the whole world know about her life, the actress willingly shares some of her unfamiliar side. Known to be one of the politically outspoken artists in the country, Agot is not one to keep her opinions to herself.

Photo from Instagram (@agotisidro)

For her, actors voicing out their political views is very important: “They rely [on] their senses and all that, so alam nila if something goes wrong,” she says. “It’s very important that they voice it out also in the open.They have the power also to influence other people. You have to do it right. We cannot just keep quiet.”

Photo from Instagram (@agotisidro)

The actress also encourages free press during these times of unrest. She bravely continues, “They cannot curtail [the] rights of people just because it goes against their policies or whatever you call it.”

Photo from ABS-CBN News

Being engaged in a lot of social discussions and being vocal and active in the recent 2019 senatorial elections, Agot openly discloses the love she has found along the way.

Photo from Instagram (@agotisidro)

During a campaign sortie in March 2019 in Hong Kong, she admitted her relationship with the senatorial candidate and law professor Pilo Hilbay. According to her, they considered their relationship as ‘love in the time of darkness’.

Photo from Instagram (@pilo_hilbay)

“It’s shared values, shared principles, shared goals, shared the passion,” Agot describes their connection.” He’s very smart and intelligent and super easy to talk to. We like to discuss and debate about certain things,” she adds, pertaining to Hilbay. She expresses enjoying healthy minds where it’s nice to have intelligent conversations which she found in her boyfriend.

Photo from Instagram (@pilo_hilbay)

Apart from being politically aware and involved, Agot does not forget about being healthy as well, especially now.

She proudly reveals that the food she eats is 90 percent plant-based and she will soon get into farming. Agot officially declares her Kautusang Tita: Grow your food and stop eating processed food. 

Photo from Instagram (@agotisidro)

Agot is ready to spread more tita-ness on screen as you can watch all episodes of Call Me Tita on iWant.ph on August 18. She will be joining the roster of other titas: Mylene Dizon, Cherrie Pie Picache, Lorna Tolentino, Joanna Ampil, and Angelica Panganiban. 

Photography by Shaira Luna; Credits to Dreamscape Digital and Heaven's Best

It is also the first iWant original series to have a simultaneous airing on TV 2 starting every Sunday at 9PM. 

Photography by Shaira Luna; Credits to Dreamscape Digital and Heaven's Best

Embrace the tita in you, and catch Agot Isidro as Celine!

Credits to Dreamscape Digital and Heaven's Best