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What’s up, MayWard Flyers!

Every fandom is composed of dedicated and creative supporters who show love for their idols. Fans of the Pinoy Big Brother Season 7 housemates Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber love to go the extra mile, from attending to their shows to creating beautiful fan art—which we adore!

Photo by Stephen Capuchino

According to urbandictionary.com, fan art is an ‘art of any form, usually electronic or drawn free hand, that uses characters or settings from a popular television show, novel, cartoon, anime, or movie as the subject.’

With many MayWard fan arts across social media, we can’t help but pick our favorites to show everyone.

Photo from Instagram (@maymay)

So, scroll down and get your dose of MayWard goodness NOW!

Ani-MayWard for Star Magic Ball 2017

Photo from facebook.com/MayWardOfficialFlyers

First on our list is this cute anime version of MayWard during the Star Magic Ball 2017. This cute fan art takes us back to the first time Maymay and Edward attended the most-awaited ball in showbiz. Can’t wait for their third appearance this year!

Astig roles, why not?

Photo from Twitter (@MWFart)

With really creative Flyers all around, dream stories for the tandem can be read on Twitter. @AnneSoon6 says, “Lider ng pinakamalakas na mafia si Edward tapos si May isang CIA agent. Para malaman ni May ang mga activities ng Mafia nagpanggap siyang bagong miyembro nito at dun niya makikilala si Edward.”

Sounds interesting!

A fairytale lovestory

Fan art by Jason Arvin Verzola

Imagine Edward as the prince and Maymay as the princess in this magical fan art. Their fabulous outfits and the medieval palace background can make us picture their happily ever after even in real life!

Spider-man or Hiwaga ng Kambat?

Photo from Instagram(@mwfarts)

Remember that one iconic kissing scene of Peter Parker and Mary Jane on the Spider-man movie? Well, it’s Iking and Sarah of the Sunday series Hiwaga ng Kambat now with this cool fan art. Maymay even posted this on her Instagram. Awesome!

Mr. and Mrs. Barber

Photo from Instagram (@@bhorbefhaye)

Maymay and Edward in an action comedy movie? Yes way! This edited photo of the original Mr. and Mrs. Smith gives us a glimpse of the tandem’s rebel vibe. Definitely a new perspective for MayWard!

MayWard Wedding

Photo from Instagram (@solidmaymayofficial)

Of course, we’re all hoping that they will end up together, but let’s daydream first before that happens. Another MayWard fan art makes us want to ring the bells.

Angel sent from above

Photo from Instagram (@mayward_bts_lovers)

Fantasy stories really suit our favorite loveteam MayWard. This fan art shows smiling Edward as an angel (which he is already) catching Maymay in his arms. What a concept!

MayWard sketch

Photo from Instagram (@jhomar_art)

Aside from digital arts, there are also freehand drawings of MayWard like this, a monochromatic sketch that has really detailed strokes. It just goes to show how talented and diverse Flyers are!