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“you can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice”


It could have been regarded as any other insightful quote that Bea Alonzo likes to post on Instagram, but this time, instead of pretty scenery or her pretty face, there’s nothing but a black box to accompany her few but very pointed words.


Photo from IG (beaalonzo)

Under the post, one can see messages of other celebrities who were quick to offer their support.


And fans, as they are wont to do, began deliberating as to what the cryptic post could mean. Soon enough, their speculations quickly narrowed down to one thing: something about her relationship with actor Gerald Anderson, when they noticed that she had liked a certain post earlier on Instagram.

The incriminating post was a photo of Gerald alongside his Between Maybes co-star Julia Barretto, taken the night of actor Rayver Cruz’s birthday celebration last July 20, 2019, with a detailed rant on how there was something supposedly going on between them, and how the actor “doesn’t deserve Bea”.

Photo from IG (cabrera.kath)

It’s worth noting that Julia Barretto recently broke up with boyfriend and love-team partner Joshua Garcia while Bea and Gerald’s relationship seemed fine in the eyes of the public, and the two even had their third anniversary as a couple.

Photo from IG (cabrera.kath)

These discreet moves by Bea alone went viral, but it didn't stop there. Bea also posted similarly-scathing quotes on her Instagram stories.


Shortly after, the names of the involved celebrities began to trend on Twitter. Bea did not post anything else, but she did like a lot of posts and comments on Instagram, and one doesn’t even have to be eagle-eyed to follow her narrative with regard to how she is currently feeling.

Amidst the issue, fans also noticed Gerald liking one post in particular.

The whole situation is still sparking controversy, and netizens are eagerly waiting as to what will happen next. It all seems in contrast with their low-key love life weeks prior, when everything seemed to be going well for Bea and Gerald.


Last July 4, StarStudio.ph got to talk to Gerald after an endorsement event, and got some exclusive details regarding the actor’s opinion on the much-talked about reunion of the Bea and John Lloyd tandem, which involve their photos together that surfaced and went viral (since John Lloyd had been dormant in the showbiz world for quite some time) . 


He even talked about his “exciting” three-year relationship with Bea. 



On July 20, 2019, StarStudio.ph managed to catch up with Bea after a story conference, where she spilled details about her meeting with loveteam partner John Lloyd Cruz—and the same question about celebrating her third anniversary with Gerald. The details were few, but telling:



And just this Friday, July 26, 2019, Bea Alonzo didn’t hold back as she gave out her latest declaration regarding the issue. Watch what she had to say here: