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Traveling is super in this scorching season, and one critical part of this ultimate summer activity is packing your travel essentials. 

What could those essentials be? Sometimes, figuring out what to pack could be a time-constraining bummer. Fear not! Your favorite celebrities recently told StarStudio.ph what necessities they bring on their usual summer excursions. Check them out below and who knows? You might realize you need them too for your next adventures!


When you check her Instagram posts, actress Nadine Lustre could often be seen vacationing in some of the most beautiful islands the Philippines and the world have to offer with her on-and-off-screen beau James Reid.

Photo from Instagram (@nadine).

When traveling in these jaw-dropping destinations, what is the one thing the FAMAS Best Actress awardee would never forget to pack? She told on an interview with StarStudio.ph that she could never leave without her speaker!

Photo from Juno Records.

As part of the record label Careless Music Manila, Nadine lives for music nowadays. Wherever she goes, she puts a bit of song on, giving life to her amazing summer escapades to places like Siargao and Zambales.

That is why for music lovers out there, do not forget to bring your speakers and hit that summer playlist to the beach or to the mountains. And if you do not have one yet, click here for some celeb-approved suggestions!


Janella Salvador reveals to StarStudio.ph that she plans to go to the beach this summer, and one essential she would never forget is sunblock, to protect her skin from the blazing summer heat as she lies down in the sandy shores.

Photo from Instagram (@superjanella).

According to condolux.net, while many of us remember to bring sunblock when we return home, we might find it a surprise that we still have a bit of sunburn. The site suggests making sure you know what SPF suits your skin!

Another Janella suggestion is lip tint. Why? As stated in bellabox Australia, a beauty trial website, the summer season is all about lighter, natural touches. It is all about having fresh, dewy skin. A lightly tinted lip shade is the perfect look finisher!

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The recently concluded dramaserye Halik is a cue for hunk Sam Milby to relax and travel. Apart from visiting his dad in the States, Sam Milby expressed his excitement about scuba diving, which he recalled doing right here. That is why when asked what his travel essentials were, the first thing that came to his mind was a water-proof speaker.

Photo from Instagram (@samuelmilby).

He reminds us to get the beach-ready kind, though. “When you go to the beach, masisira ‘yung speaker kapag nabasa ng konti. That’s going to suck.”  

He adds: “If you have some kind of drone or GoPro or device to make those memories, bring that along, [like] a good camera.”  

When traveling with a group, Sam also suggests board games. He believes it is a fun thing to do at night after a long day of frolicking about. He recommends the digital boardgame Jackbox Party Pack, a collection of easy-to-play party games involving different things like doodles, trivia questions, and jokes that could be played on your smartphones. Cool! 


Sexy actress Roxanne Barcelo gamely named not just one, but four travel essentials that she needs to get that perfect summer getaway going.

Photo from Instagram (@roxannebarcelo).

The first that came to her mind was a tropical-floral two-piece swimsuit for the ladies.

“A two-piece that will make you feel happy and just confident about your looks!” she explained. “Also, bring out your books ‘cause when you are out and you’re at the beach, you can drink and have a good time with your friends, but one awesome thing to do is just sit by the beach, read, and fill your head with a lot of knowledge by reading.”

Photo from Shutterstock.

The model-actress also recalls her mala beads, an accessory used in mantra meditation practices that acts as a guide as she sits in silence. “It’s nice to have a stress-free summer vacation,” she narrates. “I practice transcendental meditation, so mala beads help me to just stay grounded.”

Photo from Amazon.com.

The last of her travel essentials happen to be fruits. “Whatever fruit makes you happy, eat that fruit all day every day, every time of the week,” she told us. And her happy fruit? Langka and durian.  She loves ‘em spiky and sweet!


Maymay does love to travel, as seen here with Edward, and one thing comes to mind when asked what she usually packs during summer getaways.

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber).

And that is—food! According to foodnetwork.com, whether traveling by car or plane, you can still pack some healthy snacks on the way. The food website suggests delicious varieties like sliced fruit (melon, berries), cheese crackers, whole-grain pretzels, Greek yogurt, and cut vegetables (carrot, cucumber, celery).

Photo from Reader's Digest


With the scorching heat this season, the handsome Edward Barber points out the need for deodorant in travels. He also said to bring a pair of extra socks to keep those feet fresh from all the walking and running throughout your summer excursion.  Got it! 

Photo from The Hundreds.


The lead of ABS-CBN primetime’s newest teleserye Sino Ang May Sala?: Mea Culpa told StarStudio.ph that one important essential to bring in her travels is her toiletry kit.

Photo from Instagram (@jodistamaria).

“Everything is there na,” Jodi said. Indeed, it is. According to travel website Eagle Creek, a basic toiletry kit usually contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, comb, deodorant, shampoo, make-up, sunscreen, facial wash, Q-tips, lip balm, glasses, sunglasses, and prescription medication, to name some. Like Jodi Sta. Maria, prepare your hygiene products with this all-in-one handbag, and you’re good to go!

Photo from Genius Pack.


Don’t forget your cellphone: that’s what Tony Labrusca might tell you as it is one of his travel essentials this summer.

Photo from Instagram (@tony.labrusca).

If you plan on bringing your mobile devices in your international travels this summer like this Kapamilya hunk, whistleout.com offers one very important tip: Always use (free) messaging applications. Without international charges, you have the ability to chat with or call anyone around the world. All you need is a stable internet connection (which most big countries and airports offer for free) and you’re covered!

Photo from freeimageslive.co.uk


The star of the blockbuster Spring Films flick Kita-Kita recently told StarStudio.ph of his one travel essential: a toothbrush.

Photo from Instagram (@empoy).

“When you talk to some people, kailangan natin ng fresh breath!” Empoy exclaims. We certainly agree.

Photo from freeimageslive.co.uk.


Between Maybes leading man Gerald Anderson says he goes old school in his travels, during the media launch of the Black Sheep film.

Photo from Instagram (@andersongeraldjr).

“’Pag dating ko sa hotel, kinukuha ko ‘yung mga brochure at tsaka map, para hindi ako mawala. So, kung saan ako pumupunta, palagi akong may map,” the actor reveals. “Wala kang dahilan para mawala.”

Photo from Pinterest.


Gerald’s leading lady for Between Maybes, Julia Barretto, suggests earphones to shut the world around you for a while, having some time for yourself as you wander around the beautiful city or beach you are traveling in, with music you love.

Photo from Instagram (@juliabarretto).