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If it’s star-studded, overcrowded, and most anticipated, it must only be MayWard!

From being a phenomenal tandem that earned millions of fans called Mayward Flyers across the globe, ex-PBB housemates Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber have proven their versatility as artists and have invaded even the music industry.

Let’s altogether travel all the way through their colorful musical journey.

Remember in 2016 when the 19 yr-old Miss Wacky-Go-Lucky ng Cagayan de Oro Maymay sang her own composed songs to the housemates of PBB: Lucky Season 7? Her song “Baliw’ stood out among other beautiful compositions, and it was Kuya himself who noticed its potential which paved way for a studio collaboration with, of course, the 15 yr-old Cheerful Charmer ng Germany Edward.

Photo from Spotify

Baliw was released commercially on the same year and later became an official hit. One Music shares: the song was described to immediately connect to MayWard fans: “Perhaps for a lot of people, they felt like they were Maymay Entrata, waiting for their own Edward Barber, and that was perhaps (one of the many) reasons why she became so popular, all so suddenly.”

The original song topped a chart on iTunes less than 24 hours after it was released.

Photo from ABS-CBN Entertainment

So, when PBB: Lucky Season 7 hailed Maymay as the Big Winner of the batch in March 2017, she and Edward did not stop spreading their contagious chemistry through delivering their music to fans.

Like two lovebirds enjoying a whimsical performance, the loveteam took their first appearance to the ASAP center stage that made the audience scream and shout from too much kilig.

A few days after the PBB Awards Night, Maymay’s first self-titled album was released. The grand album launch was well-attended by the Flyers at the Skydome. Maymay was joined by Edward in another performance. In less than week, the album with nine tracks received the Gold Record Award by Star Music.

Photo from Instagram (@maymay)

Shortly after the early achievement, MayWard bagged the Best Collaboration of the Year Award from MOR OPM Music Awards. It was also during this time that they were celebrating their first year as friends.

Photo from Twitter (@amethystmxw)

On the same year, Maymay and Edward flew abroad for the first time to personally meet fans in Singapore. On one of Edward Barber’s Instagram videos, he captioned, “It's been one year since we entered the house. Time flies. Can't express how thankful I am for all the blessings that we've received in the last year. Thank you God. and thank you to all who made this all possible”

Photo from Instagram (@maymay)

The popular tandem didn’t end the Singapore concert without singing a duet of their song “Baliw”. When they started to perform, all the fans just went wild. It goes to show that even in just a short span of time, the MayWard phenomenon has spread like wildfire.  

Photo from Instagram (@roxmaywardee)

Maymay’s quirky personality matched with the jolly season of Christmas in 2017 as her song Merry Ang Pasko landed #1 on iTunes while her self-titled album once again took a spot in the Philippines Top Albums.

In February 2018, another Mayward event out of the country took place in Hongkong: the trending loveteam’s Maymay and Edward Live in Hongkong. They gave their fans lots of surprises and heart-fluttering performances.

Photo from Instagram (@nilocruzbonono)

Whether it’s dancing, singing, or both, Maymay showcased her unstoppable talent in her first ever sold-out concert in Kia Theatre during her Dream Tour where she shared the same stage with the all-girl group 4th Impact. She also performed another duet worth swooning with Edward. Other shows were held in Cavite, Cebu, and Pampanga.

Photo from Twitter (starmagicphils)

Read all about The Dream Tour here: https://lifestyle.abs-cbn.com/starstudio/stories/2018/11/look/maymays-best-moments-onstage-17-reasons-why-the-dream-tour-maymay-in-concert-rocks/#img-1177

In May 2018, Edward released his new single Please Stay on Spotify.  It placed #1 on iTunes PH.

On the other hand, Maymay also sang the official theme song of Star Hunt entitled Bituin which dominated the Top 100 songs chart on iTunes.

During MYX Music Awards 2018, Edward Barber won another victory as MYX Celebrity VJ of the Year.

In his MYX interview, Edward talked about how comfortable he gets every time he performs with her lovely partner, “Masarap talaga sa pakiramdam if you're performing kasama ang isang taong parang they understand you and you get them. So performing with Maymay, kahit saan, feeling ko it's always easier.”  

Photo from Instagram (@myxph)

And just on the first quarter of 2019, Edward released another sweet and romantic single No One Else on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

Maymay answered with another single, too. Kakayanin Kaya is your newest OPM life soundtrack that will make you shed tears. But, don’t worry because a satisfying ending from its music video will surely make your Mayward heart feel alive.

We’re sure there’s a lot more in store for our favorite Mayward tandem. Seeing them happy about their musical journey makes us really proud of them because we know exactly what they went through to be where they are now.

This April 2019, Maymay and Edward are about to create something extra for us again as the Mayward Grand Album Launch will happen, and we can’t wait for more absolute kilig!