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It’s summertime and people are starting to flaunt their buff, sexy bods just in time to go to the beach and lounge in the pool. Yet, there are some of us who feel ashamed when we look in the mirror, seeing how our figures are not what we want it to be.

Well, we have some #INSPO alert right here!

We have collated some stories from your favorite celebrities who’ve had the opportunity to lose weight and achieve the beautiful physique they have now.

Be inspired by their amazing weight loss journeys that will have you motivated to sweat out your sins in no time. Scroll down below!


Photos from Instagram (@xianlimm).

Before being the handsome fitness buff that he is, actor-musician Xian Lim has been classified as overweight, back when he was in Grade 7 and Grade 8.

In an interview with The Buzz Magasin’s Celebrity Forum last August 2012, he recalled that he weighed roughly 180 pounds and was not even six feet tall at the time. With that, the doctor told him to lose some mass, otherwise he would be facing health risks. His weight would also become a factor of being bullied back in high school, which he opened up about in StarStudio.ph.

Photo from Instagram (@xianlimm).

“That’s the reason why I got into basketball. It was because of the kids bullying me when I was in middle school,” he narrated to us. “And it’s the conscious effort [that] you want to make something out of yourself, that you want to evolve. Nag-set ako ng goal [na] I don’t want to be bullied anymore. So, what does it take to not be bullied? Maybe, I need to get out more, maybe I need to make some friends.”

The young Xian then, eventually, began to play basketball during his freshman year, a sport he would continue doing up to today. He currently plays for the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MBPL) as part of the Mandaluyong El Tigre.

Photo from Instagram (@xianlimm).

Evidently, basketball helped him shape his figure, but that’s not all the heartthrob would do to maintain his buff physique. For him, the key is to eat in moderation.
“Ang pinaka-ok na advice na maibibigay ko ay don’t deprive yourself. Do proper exercise. Eat the right amount of carbs, protein and sugar. Kasi, we tend to overeat. ‘[Yun] siguro yung pinaka-challenge, yung disiplina sa sarili,” he told The Buzz Magasin.


Photos from Instagram (@rufamaequinto).

While being pregnant with only daughter Athena Alexandria, sexy comedienne Rufa Mae reportedly gained 85 pounds, having a total weight of 187 pounds. In addition, one month after giving birth, she revealed that she had serious struggles with post-partum depression.

In an Instagram post, the Super B actress said, “Ang tagal ko naging insecurity ang postpartum body ko. As in pag ka panganak ko araw araw (mga ika 7 month after ko manganak…. every time I look myself in the mirror naiiyak ako.”

Photo from Instagram (@rufamaequinto).

However, that did not stop her from achieving the beautiful figure she once had! A month after giving birth, Rufa Mae already lost 40 pounds, according to an ABS-CBN News article. This would push her to shed more weight, until now where she posts workout videos on her Instagram stories.

Yet, what is the ultimate secret for the comedienne to lose weight?

Photo from Instagram (@rufamaequinto).

Proper diet. In a recent interview with StarStudio.ph, she had this to say: “Ang pagda-diet naman hanggang two weeks lang dapat. After doon, bumitaw ka na muna kasi kung hindi mababaliw ka, o kaya hindi ka na magda-diet forever. Pero kailangan kumain kasi kapag hindi ka kumain mabobobo ka ’tsaka hindi ka makakatulog. Ang daming mangyayari. Mag-iinit ang ulo mo. So ang diet ko talaga, more veggies. Eat clean, less sugar, less juice, less salt, less fried. Gulay ’tapos brown rice.”

With that, she’s ready to flaunt her “award-winning body” with confidence. Go, go, go, Rufa Mae!  


Photo from Instagram (@mitch_madrigal).

Former Star Circle Quest finalist Michelle Madrigal also had to experience weight gain because of her pregnancy with daughter Anika Austin. However, mommy duties did not stop her from bringing back her fit, sexy figure. She joined a contest spearheaded by a muscle supplement brand wherein she had to lose weight in eight weeks.

Every week, Mitch posted her progress and it was evident that the exercise had proven its effectiveness for the former actress. In an Instagram post, she shares her take on how to have that toned, slim figure.

Photo from Instagram (@mitch_madrigal).

“Ladies there is no secret to losing weight,” she said on one of her progress posts. “You have to commit 100%, eat clean which is counting my macros (5-6 meals a day), hard work and exercise 5-6x a week. There’s no easy way in getting the body you want.”


Photos from Instagram (@missizacalzado).

Back in 2014, Iza Calzado was playing host to the reality show The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition: Double and seemed like the perfect fit as she had the first-hand experience on how it feels to be obese and going through the hard process of shedding those pounds.

In an interview during the ANC program Headstart, Iza shared her weight loss journey, beginning with how she was bullied because of her weight.

“[Y]ou know, the street kids were calling me ‘baboy.’ I had that experience na I wanted to die [because of the embarrassment], na sana kainin na lang ako ng lupa ngayon na. Gusto mo nang umiyak pero siyempre, ayaw mong magpatalo,” she narrated.

Photo from Instagram (@missizacalzado).

She added how the name-calling caused a huge amount of insecurities, leading to more binge-eating episodes in her life.

It was in high school when the young Iza became conscious about losing weight, turning to extreme measures such as starvation diets, weight loss pills, and cosmetic surgery.

After learning that these “shortcuts” won’t work, Iza began to do regular exercises and follow a strict diet.

Photo from Instagram (@missizacalzado).

“I met a guy whose family is very into health and fitness also, and they inspired me. I started working out a lot and I got into running and I started choosing healthier alternatives,” she said.

The actress-host also adds that she tried swimming, yoga, CrossFit, and 360 fitness.

“I’m always active, I try to work out whenever I can. And the food choices are healthier,” she added.


Photos from spot.ph and Facebook (Bearwin Da Bear Meily).

Comedian Bearwin Meily had everyone’s jaws dropping when he posted his awe-inspiring weight loss transformation in his social media. We all know him before as the chubby comic sidekick whose punchlines everyone would laugh to. Now, he’s making everyone talking with his newly-formed physique.

In his Facebook account, Bearwin gave some tips on how to get a fit figure, which includes the importance of sleep and a proper diet.

“Inagahan ko ng Isa hanggang Dalawang Oras ang Pag Tulog at Pag Pahinga ko sa gabi kumpara sa normal,” he told his followers. “Malaking parte at Importante ang Tamang Pahinga ng Katawan bago mag training o mag exercise.. [tapos] 30-45 minutes Slow Jog and Walk muna for 1 month.”

When it comes to proper diet, he told his followers to restrict themselves from oily and salty food and add fruits and vegetables to their eating habits. “WATCH WHAT YOU EAT, DAPAT BALANCE. WAG MASIBA.” he continued..

He concludes his motivational Facebook post with this statement: “Ituturo ng Katawan at Isip natin na Piliin ang Tama at Dapat Gawin sa Araw Araw na Buhay; Dito papasok Ang Disiplina at Determinasyon sa gusto nating marating para sa Kalusugan at Katawan natin. WAG MAG MADALI, NO SHORT CUT, NO QUICK FIX.. Slowly But Surely ako at Ang Importante sa Lahat, dapat MASAYA tayo sa GINAGAWA natin, Dapat MATUTUNAN natin syang MA-ENJOY. Be a Blessing. Be an Inspiration.”

You are surely an inspiration, Bearwin!


Photos from IMDb and Instagram (@billycrawford).

Previously, actor-host Billy Crawford weighed around 210 pounds and it was evident during his previous stints in It’s Showtime and ASAP. However, when he returned to the Philippines after his two-month stay in the beautiful city of France, Billy had weighed lost an impressive amount of 50 pounds.

On an interview with ABS-CBN News last August 2012, the dancer relayed the process of his weight loss.

Photo from Instagram (@billycrawford).

“It’s not really madalian; it’s been almost five months. I’ve been working out in the gym. I’ve been biking, swimming, dieting. I wake up in the morning at 5 a.m. to bike. It started in France when I was training with a triathlete and he joined the full Ironman in France,” he told ABS-CBN News.

He also gave props to the country’s tradition of not eating rice to his intensive training.

Photo from Instagram (@billycrawford).

“It’s a wake-up call. It’s great to train away from the Philippines, 'yung opportunity na 'yung diet nila walang kanin. Basta 'yung discipline is important,” he said.


Photos from Instagram (@hashtag_ck).

When the viral #10YearChallenge made waves its social media, Charles “Hashtag CK” Kieron got into the mix and posted his version on Instagram which got his followers talking.

The post, which showcased side-by-side pictures of CK in 2009 and 2019, took his followers by surprise so much that it garnered over 50,000 likes on the photo-sharing application.

The It’s Showtime heartthrob had to regularly do cardio to shed of his excessive pounds while following a strict diet of no rice, pork, and beef. He simply eats fish and chicken and does not opt to eat junk food.


Photos from ABS-CBN Lifestyle and Instagram (@mond).

Probably one of the most notable Filipino celebrity weight loss journeys of all time is when TV host-columnist Raymond Gutierrez showed the country his Herculean physique, veering away from his previous overweight image.

In an interview with Karen Davila on the ANC program Headstart, Raymond narrated his weight loss journey.

“I was doing a little bit of boxing, but then it was twice a week then I would go back to eating unhealthy and drinking all the time.” he began. “But in December, I started with a spinning studio […] and I got kind of addicted to it. I was like ‘This is actually fun!’”

Photo from Instagram (@mond).

That became his first step into moving his body for the better. He says a support system really helps if you want to shift to a healthy lifestyle.

“If you have friends who love to work out, align yourself with them,” he advised. “Make sure you talk to them and you guys make plans in working out because it really helps to have a support system.”

He also contributes his weight loss to cutting out pork and beef from his diet.

Photo from Instagram (@mond).

“This is the perfect opportunity to cut out pork and beef from my diet,” he told Karen. “I know myself. Once I start something, I really get focused and I get really into it and that was it. One day, I was like ‘no more beef and pork.’”

The meats he eats now are fish and chicken, and he also added that he has removed rice from his diet. A month later, he would cut chicken and only focused on eating fish.

In his first three months of working out, his coach Arnold Aninion told The Philippine Star that he lost 22 kgs! And look at him now. What an inspiring transformation, Raymond!