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Bailey May first caught the public’s attention when he joined Pinoy Big Brother (PBB): 737 in 2015.
The then 12-year-old mestizo was tagged “Global Gwapito ng UK” because he grew up in that European nation, where his father hails from. He emerged as the 4th Teen Big Placer in the competition, and went on working as an actor, singer, and model.
He also formed a love team with his fellow PBB graduate, Ylona Garcia, the competition’s 2nd Teen Big Placer.

Photo from ABS-CBN PBB
Bailey as an official cast member in Pinoy Big Brother 737.

Bailey, now 16 years old, has gained wide popularity as a member of Now United, a global pop group formed by Simon Fuller who, in the 1990s, managed musical acts like the Spice Girls, and later branched out into creating reality-TV singing competitions likes Pop Idol and American Idol.
In a recent video call interview, the good-looking Filipino-British singing sensation exclusively shared with StarStudio.ph the story behind his inclusion in Now United, and how his life has both changed—and remained the same.

Photo from Instagram (@nowunited)

Bailey makes his mark as a member of Now United.

Bailey begins his story by going back to May 2017.
“My dad came home one day,” he recalls. “And, he told me about this new global pop group, and then I was, like, ‘I need to get to this!’ So, I auditioned along with, like, a hundred artistas or around 50, around that number. And then we went to a go-see. And then, Hollywood, like, narrowed it down to four artistas, who they flew to L.A. for final audition. I was one of the four. I was with Ylona [Garcia], AC [Bonifacio], and Jane de Leon.”

Photo from Instagram (@baileymay)
Now United during a tour in India.

For his audition in Los Angeles, California, Bailey performed a song that he had previously recorded, “Now We’re Together.” Suffice it to say that he impressed everyone in the room as he was shortlisted for the performing arts boot camp in L.A.
He eventually emerged as one of the 14 successful contenders to form the multicultural pop group, Now United.
Bailey, who’s a main singer in the group of mostly dancers, literally went places with Now United for their first world tour.
“I’ve performed in 17 countries with Now United last year alone,” he says with evident pride. “And this year, we’re going on our second world tour.”

The 2018 tour saw the teens performing in countries like Russia, where they had their TV debut on The Voice Kids, which is aired over Russia’s No. 1 network, Channel One. They toured Mexico and India, where they shot some of their music videos.
The list also included China, Brazil, USA, and the Philippines. The promo tour ended right before the Christmas week.

Photo from Instagram (@baileymay)
Bailey enjoying the view in the little Alpine town of Kitzbühel in Austria.

Bailey has a personal favorite among those countries. “Apart from the Philippines, it’s Austria,” he says. “It’s very beautiful while we work. It’s peaceful, and green, and I love that.”
Truth be told, he loves everything he does with Now United that it doesn’t feel like work at all anymore. He also enjoys performing and hanging out with everybody in the culturally diverse group, thus adjusting to his new life didn’t pose much of a challenge for him.

Photo from Instagram (@baileymay)

The members of Now United were all smiles while taking a photo break at their boot camp in L.A.

“We all pretty much clicked naturally,” he points out. “We became friends very fast, which is very good. I think it’s pretty much the same as working with anyone ’cause we’re all humans. There are cultural differences but there’s not much, you know. We’re teenagers, and we all love music.”
He happily reports that he’s made very good friends with his fellow teen performers, and he’s even told them stories about the Philippines. “I shared a lot of knowledge on the food such as balut,” he says, his handsome face beaming as he talks on-cam. “I’ve told them about Palawan. They all wanna go to Palawan and Cebu.”

Photo from Instagram (@baileymay)

For Bailey, quoting from his Instagram post, football is “more than just a game.”

Though he’s part of a global pop group now, Bailey remains a normal teenager in the UK. “Basically, I wake up, have breakfast, have a shower, go to the gym, swim, play football,” he narrates on what he does on a typical day without work. “I go for a walk in the countryside sometimes, boxing, and then I come back [home] and chill.”

Photo from Instagram (@baileymay)

Bailey in Mexico during Now United’s World Tour.

Bailey has always been full of pride and joy in representing the Philippines, especially now with Now United.
“I feel incredibly honored to represent the Philippines,” he declares. “Because since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamt of representing the Philippines, and still be. Before it was football. I wanted to play for the Azkals. But that never happened.”

Our conversation shifts to his life as a celebrity in his mother’s homeland. “I miss performing in the Philippines,” he says. “Sa mga provinces, bands, on TV, ASAP, [It’s] Showtime, and I miss all my friends in show business. I miss all my family in Cebu.”

Photo from Instagram (@baileymay)
Ylona Garcia and Bailey May on an ASAP show in 2017.

Bailey’s stint in showbiz has produced a love team with Ylona Garcia that their fans lovingly called BaiLona. He has a special message for BaiLona fans, who still ship them (as millennials call it), and he delivers it in Filipino with a dash of laughter: “Kumusta mga BaiLona fans! Gusto kong sabihin na sobrang masaya ako para sa inyo. Maraming, maraming salamat para sa suporta niyo, at sana masaya kayo ngayon. Kita-kits.”

He likewise has kind words for his erstwhile love-team partner. “Masaya ako para kay Ylona kasi she’s gone on her own journey,” he says.

Photo from Instagram (@baileymay)
Bailey captioned this IG photo with: “Miss Kita.”

And even if he’s becoming famous worldwide now, Bailey still looks back and never forgets the people who supported him along the way.
“I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now if I didn’t go to the Philippines,” he avers, referring to how his career began in Pinoy Big Brother and became an artist of Star Magic. “Everything really helped me.”

Photo from Instagram (@baileymay)

Bailey was 14 when he had a VTR for Star Magic.

Bailey enumerates some life lessons he’s picked up thus far: “I just learned to be myself. If you are who you are, you’ll be able to reach your dreams. And also, [give] a hundred and fifty percent to everything I do. Be a good example to others.”

Photo from Instagram (@baileymay)

Bailey has met famous international celebrities like Miley Cyrus (in photo),
and Vanessa Hudgens, who’s also half-Pinoy.

Bailey gets excited as he describes his journey now as just “the beginning” of making not only himself rise to fame—but bringing the Philippines along with him every step of the way.
“I feel like Now United is just a big start to the future,” he says. “To make the Filipinos rise, to make the Philippine flag rise.”
And our #pinoypride has exciting news to share on behalf of Now United. “We’re coming to the Philippines very soon!” he announces. “And we have a very, very, big surprise when we come to the Philippines!”