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Fitness Inspo: Meet Hardcore Triathlete And Proud 'Masculada' Bubbles Paraiso!

Fitness Inspo: Meet Hardcore Triathlete And Proud 'Masculada' Bubbles Paraiso!

Bubbles Paraiso was born into fitness. She was a tennis player at a young age before becoming a cheer dancer in high school. By the time she was in college, she worked as a model, maintaining a certain physique by going to the gym. Nine years ago, Bubbles discovered yoga and started doing just the basic stretches. It took a few more years for her to teach it herself.

Two years ago, Bubbles also got into triathlon, as she reveals, “That’s when the fitness level went from ‘Okay, just for aesthetics’ to really just for fitness. It’s a lifestyle already. It’s not just because I want abs or I want to look good, it’s because I want to do good, to perform good. Now it’s zero aesthetics. The abs are just a bonus, it’s really all about my performance.”

But aside from being a passionate triathlete, Bubbles is also an actress and model. Yet despite her hectic schedule and career, she maintains a rigorous active lifestyle. Her fitness routine changes, depending on what she’s preparing for.

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In a span of five months, Bubbles has raced three Ironman 70.3s, a trail run, an obstacle course race, an aquathlon, two duathlons, and two Olympic distance triathlons. She wasn’t supposed to participate in the Ironman 70.3 Cebu, but “Me being me, I wanted to do it.” Despite her coach’s warnings about her body still fatigued from the last race, Bubbles persisted. Now, she’s on a two-week vacation. Her current routine includes teaching and practicing yoga twice or three times a day, as well as swimming, biking, and running.

Bubbles, now on off-season for triathlons, emphasizes that rest and recovery is just as optimal. “It’s a lot of time management and power naps, because sometimes I’d have taping or a shoot, and I know there’d be a lot of waiting time. So, I’d have my bike with me and my bike trainers, and you’ll just see me on my bike. I bring them with me because if I know there’d be a two-hour break, I’d pedal on my bike, shower, then get ready. And it also helps that a lot of my friends are also into the sport,” she says.

Bubbles admits that maybe the reason she loves training is because she can eat whatever she wants, especially since her intense routine allows her to burn all those calories. 

“I used to be a vegetarian for 13 years. But when I got into tri, I now eat everything I want. I sometimes have a Snickers for breakfast. Sometimes I’d have a steak for lunch, and the server would say, ‘Ma’am, that’s for three people.’ I’d reply, ‘Yeah, but I like it. Just watch me eat it’. And after I’d finish it. My appetite has been crazy, but I still burn it anyway, so I’m okay.”

Bashers come and go in a celebrity's life, don't they? In Bubbles' case, she used to get comments that she was too muscular and that she looked like an Amazonian. That was until the Gal Gadot-led Wonder Woman came out, where she says more people have since embraced her kind of figure.

“But I try to remove the pressure of looking good from my system, because it’s where all of the insecurities stem from. Now, all of my training is all for performance, for function, for wanting to be fast and strong. Recently, I lost 10 lbs, but it wasn’t because I was pressuring myself to lose 10 lbs. because I wanted to look good. It’s more because, if you lose 10 lbs., it makes you run faster. That’s the only reason why. I don’t care about aesthetics anymore, it’s just a bonus.”

When it comes to motivation about getting fit, Bubbles reveals, “The best motivation will really come from you. A lot of people will try to push you, and no matter what people will say, even if some of them call you fat or slow, if you’re not that competitive, or you react a different way, then that’s not gonna work. So, what’s important is instead of looking for the push, you have to look for the pull. What will get you get up out of your bed, what will get you at to the start line. It’s not just how you’re gonna be pushed, it’s the pull, and that is stronger than the push. Look for a reason why you’re doing it and why you wanna do it.”

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On Bubbles: Bikini top and bottom, both Cotton On.

Produced and styling by Camille Santiago | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Video by Tin Zabat | Edited by Lui Jimenez | Makeup by Patricia Ang | Hair by Xy Eugenio | Shot on location at The Ascott Makati | Special thanks to Heidi Manabat



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