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Fitness Inspo: Model-Host- Super Mom Angel Jones Finds Life's Lessons Thru Self-Love And Fitness

Fitness Inspo: Model-Host- Super Mom Angel Jones Finds Life's Lessons Thru Self-Love And Fitness

Who knew that the recent winner of the Century Tuna Superbods competition, with all her gleaming beauty and positive presence, just four years ago, was suffering from anxiety and depression? This was primarily because she had just separated from her husband at that time. “I had to leave my children and start over,” Angel shares. “But I didn’t want to take medication or have a rebound relationship. I just wanted to heal.” After researching extensively on alternatives that would help her, she found her answer in fitness.

“Fitness was very healing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And I stuck with it because the output was amazing. Not only was I happier, but I was glowing. I thought to myself, ‘I can’t stop this now. I gotta keep on going,'” she reveals. 

Angel keeps her active lifestyle and fitness routine a balance of fun and serious discipline. As someone who claims not to be naturally athletic, Angel has an ever-changing routine that currently includes yoga, circuit, cross training, pole dancing, and dance. “Right now, I’m also trying to do Spartan training, because I feel like a child on the monkey bars. So I just try to keep it entertaining and mix it up so I don’t get bored,” she says.

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But Angel stresses that her fitness is sacred. Despite her busy career and personal life, she always does her fitness routine first thing in the morning, to prepare her for the coming day.

“No one can touch my mornings. I make sure everything is scheduled after my workouts. I have two children that are very active in their careers and I want to be part of that, and I believe that if there’s a will there’s a way. So sometimes I lack sleep, or I feel stretched, but I make it a point to be there for my children, to keep going with my career, and to keep fitness my number 1. Even if it means timing dinner, I will make a way.” 

When it comes to her diet, Angel listens to what her body wants and needs. She admits that when she first started working out, she was obsessive about the calories and pushing herself to the limits. But now, she enjoys food, especially since she consistently works out. 

“Sometimes, I only want vegetables. There are times I want a big, juicy steak, and there are times I want a handful of M&M’s. But everything is balanced. I love clean and healthy food. If I eat a burger, I make sure that the meat is grade A. As long as it’s not processed food, it’s okay. I eat what I want in moderation. As long as I work out, I don’t feel guilty.” 

As a fit and beautiful mom who just turned 40, Angel shares that she does feel the pressure to be in perfect shape – but in a way that makes her become a genuine advocate for self-love.

“People, whether we like it or not, are walking inspirations for something, whether it’s good or bad. I believe my presence affects people and my children. So, I stay mentally, spiritually, and physically 100% for my children. I can’t tell my children to be healthy or happy or joyful or mentally stable if I’m not. So I do believe I’m a representative of something, and I am a self-love advocate. How can I preach self love if I don’t love myself? So, I do like that pressure, because it keeps me fighting to better myself. It keeps me tip-top in my physical, mental, and spiritual, because I want to affect that change on others, I do want to inspire you. So I like the pressure because I want to help as many people as possible.”    

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