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#ChalkCampusTour2018: We Brought Some Major Girl Power Inspo To Miriam College

#ChalkCampusTour2018: We Brought Some Major Girl Power Inspo To Miriam College


The #ChalkCampusTour2018 just keeps getting better and better! And for our third leg, we brought the whole crew and our fabulous guest speakers to the turf of the Knollers, Miriam College!

The future is indeed female, and with the help of BYS Cosmetics, Blackwater, and Sketchers Time, we were able to bring four strong-willed women to inspire a new batch of equally strong young women in Miriam College to #LiveYoung, #LookGood, #LoveHard in the form of girl boss and all-around #LifeGoal Angely Dub, athlete and beauty queen Michele Gumabao, actress and mental health advocate Belle Daza, and, as a fourth addition in our lineup to share her #BodyLove campaign, actress Iza Calzado. As a recap, here are the self-love lessons we’ve learned from these empowering femmes!

#LiveYoung with Angely Dub

Being the girl boss that she is, Angely Dub joyfully shared to the crowd her definition of independence, saying, “Being independent has nothing to do if you live with your parents or not—having freedom has nothing to do if you live with someone. Having freedom is you choosing the path for your life.” Every word from Angely got us shouting, "Yas, kween!"

#LookGood with Michelle Gumabao

Bred in the highly competitive world of athletics, Michele Gumabao admits that she can’t help it but compare herself to others. But instead of looking at it as a negative habit, she treats it as way to improve herself. “Comparing yourself to others isn’t unhealthy. What’s unhealthy is basing your happiness, basing how you feel on comparing yourself to other people,” she claim. It's a typical case of "If she can do it, I can, too!"  

#LoveHard with Belle Daza

As a prominent name in the entertainment industry, Belle Daza recognized that she, too, was a victim of the pressures of social media how people give in to becoming a fake version of themselves by pretending to be living a certain kind of life. When Belle said, “You are so unique, you are so valuable as yourself so why would you like to reduce yourself to be a copy of someone else,” we felt and believed that! 

#BodyLove with Iza Calzado

Actress and body positivity champion Iza Calzado admitted that she succumbed to how society view skinny as beautiful by eating three packets of crackers in high school just to lose weight. However, as she grew older, she realized that having physical and mental health is more important than any beauty standard. Iza closes her inspirational talk by reminding the girls, "You are beautiful. You are more than your body.”

Swipe through the gallery to see how much fun we had at the third leg of the #ChalkCampusTour2018! Where do you think we should head next?

Campus Tour 2018 is brought to you by: Blackwater–Smell good, feel good, BYS – Put your best face forward, and our official org partner Miriam Communication Society.

Special thanks to: Jeunesse, Monea, Filed, K-Palette, Baker Baby, MNL Grow Kits, Oh So Healthy, Kettle Korn, and Photoman.

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