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In Focus: We Already Stalked The Actor Who Plays John Ambrose In The "To All The Boys" Sequel

In Focus: We Already Stalked The Actor Who Plays John Ambrose In The



Peter Kavinsky might have snatched everyone's hearts especially Lara Jean when he showered her with love and affection in To All The Boys I've Loved Before, but someone is actually planning to take his place! If you remember Lara Jean wrote a total of five letters to her former crushes. Peter Kavinsky, Josh Sanderson, and Lucas James already made an appearance in the film, while we didn't hear anything from Kenny from camp since his letter was returned to the sender. So we're left with one person, the guy she met in Model UN, John Ambrose McClaren. 

If you kept watching until the end of the film, you would know that he made a short surprise appearance when he stood at Lara Jean's doorstep while holding flowers and the letter she wrote. Unfortunately, it was her little sister Kitty who answered the door, so we were left wondering if Lara Jean and John Ambrose would ever meet. 

Well, the second book in the series P.S. I Love You, John Ambrose is definitely a pretty important character as he put Peter and Lara Jean's relationship to the test. But we rather not give too much detail about it since the sequel of the film is not yet here. Instead, we want you guys to join us as we start admiring the actor who's going to play this character who's none other than Jordan Burtchett. He definitely has his own charm with his cute dimples and contagious smile. Since we didn't get enough Jordan Burtchett scenes in the film, swipe through our gallery to see more of his swoon-worthy moments IRL!

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