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In Focus: Which Of These Local Stars Should Play These 'Meteor Garden' Roles?

In Focus: Which Of These Local Stars Should Play These 'Meteor Garden' Roles?



Before everyone fell in love with K-pop idols and K-dramas, we first started crushing on four Taiwanese cute rich boys and adored one brave poor girl. From buying every notebook with their faces on it to reenacting scenes as if we're part of their series, Meteor Garden was the ultimate obsession of all. It was a worldwide phenomenon in 2001 and up until now, everyone still knows how iconic it is. The "Flower 4" widely known as F4 with members Dao Ming Si played by Jerry Yan, Hua Ze Lei played by Vic Zhou, Mei Zuo played by Ken Chu, Xi Men played by Vanness Wu, and Shan Cai played by Barbie Xu became the "stars of stars" during its release. A lot of versions were also made like the Japanese version Hana Yori Dango and Korean version Boys Over Flowers which also became popular across Asia.

After 16 years, the version that started the craze was rebooted with an all-new cast members that were as outstanding as the original one. It's because of this remake that we're sure that our F4 obsession is back again! That's why you can't blame us if we want to see these incredible characters being played by our local stars, but we want you guys to decide which celebrity you would want to play in each character. Swipe through our gallery to see the choices and comment which ones should star in our very own version of Meteor Garden

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