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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Coleen Garcia: Here's Why I Don't Follow Any Diets

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Coleen Garcia: Here's Why I Don't Follow Any Diets

When it comes to healthy eating, I don’t really have a specific diet that I follow. What I do is I try my best to lessen the intake of carbs, sugar, and “unnecessary calories.” By “unnecessary,” it just means that if I don’t really really want it, then I don’t need to have it. I definitely don’t deprive myself when I’m craving anything unhealthy, but I try to lessen how often I do give in. I know it’s hard, but it helps to avoid unhealthy food completely and really practice living a healthy lifestyle.

It really needs to be embraced as your way of life in order for it to work. I’m on the road to that, but I do get sidetracked here and there. For the most part, though, I try to maintain my discipline and only break my progress when I know it’s worth it, such as when we travel, when we plan on dining at a great restaurant, or when my emotions call for it. That way, when I do indulge, I am able to limit my portions since I’m no longer used to strong flavors that come with our usual yummy junk food! I find that as long as you keep your portion sizes limited, you can still enjoy the dishes you’re used to eating.

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I do eat out when I want something healthy. I love Green Pastures and Wholesome Table! For Keto and Vegan meals, The Good Seed is also worth a try. But I am usually able to order something healthy enough almost anywhere we go, so I still let others choose restaurants when we go out, and I don’t let my own diet restrictions hinder others from enjoying a delicious meal. Again, when in doubt and temptation, limit your portions! I like to try just a little bit of everything we order instead of committing to just one big dish. Variety can be good, just so you don’t have too much of one thing.

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