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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Coleen Garcia: Here's How Billy And I Were Able To Bridge Our Age Gap

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Coleen Garcia: Here's How Billy And I Were Able To Bridge Our Age Gap

(Coleen and Billy's 10 year age gap wasn't the first and biggest issue about them getting together as a couple. In 2013, the two It's Showtime hosts found themselves in separate relationships fraught with snags, with both of them leaving their former partners that same year. The public especially hit on Coleen for allegedly being the "third party" that caused Billy and his then girlfriend Nikki Gil to break up. While they quashed the rumors, Coleen and Billy eventually got closer to each other—sharing a romance that would eventually become so serious, beautiful, and inspiring they'd drove themselves together into the sunset. - Ed.)

I learn a lot from Billy because of the many things he has already been through, and at the same time, he sees the world through a fresher perspective. There are some things he wouldn’t normally do but would have fun doing with me! He tells me that I make him feel more youthful, and he makes me feel so free to be myself because he just gets it. He’s been there and he knows that I still have so much to go through, and he understands.

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We never get in the way of each other’s progress and we just give our full support to each other all the time. The age thing can be an advantage when it comes to looking at things with different perspectives.

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