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In Focus: This Heartthrob Material Is Southeast Asia’s Youngest Minister

In Focus: This Heartthrob Material Is Southeast Asia’s Youngest Minister



By Marie Francia

This good-looking lad is Malaysia’s youngest ever minister. The 25-year-old Syed Saddiq was appointed by 93-year-old Mahathir Mohamad who is, in fact, the world’s oldest elected leader—even a year older than Queen Elizabeth II of England.

And while it’s hard to take our eyes away from his slick pomade-powered side-parted hairstyle, Syed is clearly more than just a pretty face. He won Asia’s Best Speaker three times at the Asian British Parliamentary before he pursued public service.

He even graduated with a law degree in the International Islamic University and have recently turned down an offer from the University of Oxford in the UK—only his second offer from the prestigious university—to pursue a masters degree in Public Policy. “I am nothing but a servant to my country. I have to put this dream of mine behind,” he shared through one of his Instagram posts.

Currently the 18th Youth and Sports Minister of Malaysia, Syed is truly a distinct character. If there is someone who can better represent young people, it should be one who views and understands matters from the same standpoint—and that’s what Syed offers. With more than a million followers on Instagram, he believes that, when used properly, social media can be an influential tool in sparking conversations and discussion among the youth. 

Among Syed's platforms is focusing on the quality of education in his country and advocating proper housing initiatives that are feasible and well within the reach of people including the youth. 

At a time when the voice of the young echoes across different platforms, Syed's appointment is clearly a validation of how the younger generation can create an impact on national policy, and that Instagram has a more powerful role in the modern society than simply being a venue for #ootd and #bodygoals. 


Photos from Syed Saddiq's Instagram account 



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