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Cheat Sheet: We Got These Grooming Artists To Reveal Their Male Celeb Clients' Skincare Secrets!

Cheat Sheet: We Got These Grooming Artists To Reveal Their Male Celeb Clients' Skincare Secrets!

When it comes to skincare, it may be hard to believe that some men—celebrities included—do not need convincing. Oftentimes, these stars rely on the good hands and advices of a their grooming artists. Here at ABS-CBN Lifestyle, we're always taking down notes when celebs or the big names in the industry spill their fashion or beauty tricks. However, we never really get to ask what our hunky idols' thoughts on beauty and skincare are.

Out of curiosity, we tapped three of the best celebrity makeup artists in the country to find out if their celebrity clients have skincare secrets to spill. We have Jay Herrera, whose loyal clientele includes Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, Joshua Garcia, Grae Fernandez, Senator Bongbong Marcos, John Lloyd Cruz, Erik Santos, Sam Milby, Inigo Pascual, Empoy Marquez, Donny Pangilinan, Alden Richards, and BoybandPH; Aimee Grey, Billy Crawford, Elmo Magalona, JM de Guzman, Xian Lim, JayR, and TJ Monterde's makeup artist; and Mac Igarta, who does grooming for James Reid and Ejay Falcon.

Continue reading below to find out what they are!

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What skincare advice do you always give them?
Jay Herrera: "Just basic skincare. With pollution and stress, it is a must that we also use skincare products to maintain good texture of our skin. With so many products nowadays, it is hard to choose one that especially suits you. But the use of these products are not enough if you will not couple it with a healthy lifestyle. One must maintain a balanced diet, regular exercise and a good night sleep to make your face young-looking and wrinkle-free. Washing the face with the most hypoallergenic products is a must. I would personally recommend Celeteque facial wash as it really makes your skin smooth and bouncy." 

Aimee Grey: "To always wash their face after makeup sesh and before they sleep at night and to moisturize."

Mac Igarta: “To wash their face and take off their makeup before they go to bed.” 



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As their makeup artist, how do you make sure their skin is still being taken care of despite the frequent use of makeup?
Jay: "I always follow the proper logic in putting make up on their faces. Before applying anything on, I massage their faces. This releases the muscle tension caused by lack of sleep, tiredness, stress, etc. Then I apply the moisturizer. As we all know, well hydrated skin results to good skin texture. Putting make up on it enhances and makes the face look radiant and glowing. And of course, I always remind them to take off their makeup, if not right after a shoot or event. And never ever leave their makeup on when going to sleep as this will cause long-lasting damage to the skin." 

Aimee: "I always clean their face before applying any makeup on them. Then I use a toner, then a moisturizer before applying makeup." 

Mac: "I am very particular with skincare. Whenever we have shoots, I make sure to clean their face, tone it, and moisturize it. I put serum and eye creams, too." 

Tells us more about their skincare secrets!
 "Nothing in particular, really. Just healthy lifestyle, proper diet, exercise, and of course the use of skincare products of their preference."

Aimee: "Men usually are really lazy to have a skin routine. So, if they have free time, they just go to a derma clinic for their treatments and cleansing routines. But some men do have the patience to have a skin care routine so they clean and mositurize before bed time and some actually do take the time to put facial masks before bed time. I always just tell them na before they got to sleep, taking of their makeup is a must and if they have the time and patience they should at least have a skincare routine. But then again if laziness hits them, they can just always go to their fave derma clinic and have their treatments done there. I just remind them that they really have to take care of their skins so they have to make time."

Mac: “James (Reid) uses baby soap for his skin.” 

Does any of your clients have grooming routines before or after you do their makeup?
Aimee: "Yes, Elmo (Magalona) does. If he doesn't have work na after our shoot or event, he does take off his makeup. So, I always have a makeup remover with me and wet wipes. I also always carry a men's facial wash with me para if they have time to wash their face, I offer it sa kanila."

Mac: “I usually ask my clients to come bare-faced. I really want to do their skincare coz I wanna make sure that the skincare formulas will match the formula of the foundation I’m gonna use."

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