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In Focus: Meet The Hardworking Gal Behind Hit Local Fashion Brand Neon Island—Chi Gibbs!

In Focus: Meet The Hardworking Gal Behind Hit Local Fashion Brand Neon Island—Chi Gibbs!

Chi Gibbs, the eldest daughter of veteran singer Janno Gibbs, founded Neon Island back in 2013 with her best friend Aira Medina. “We just wanted to have a creative outlet that’s different from our day jobs,” the budding entrepreneur tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle. Sharing the same interest in everything tropical, fun, and local, the two came up with an online clothing store that produces colorful pieces and all 100% Filipino-made.

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Chi takes pride in how she and her partner celebrate local through their hand-drawn prints plus external efforts to work with other businesses in the country. The duo has staged their first runway show this year—and it looks like they are not stopping anytime soon!

Planning to start a business? Below, Chi gives tips that could help you get things off on the right foot!

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Find a good partner. “Make sure you both bring something different to the table,”  Chi stresses. It’s important to choose the right business partner so you can effectively solve problems that are sure to come along. Picking someone you’ve known for a long time is a plus! She adds, “Aira and I have been best friends since high school! We are each other’s yin and yang.”

Know what you want. You need to be clear on the boundaries and deal-breakers of your brand, says Chi. “I feel like when it comes to these things, you have to have non-negotiables you stick to.”

Have a ‘never stop learning’ mindset. She says, "We’re constantly learning and taking it day by day.” For her, being a successful entrepreneur is all about gaining knowledge and new perspectives as you go about your business. 

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