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Love Actually: Ready Your Hearts—Here's How Two Rising YouTube Stars Fell In Love With Each Other!

Love Actually: Ready Your Hearts—Here's How Two Rising YouTube Stars Fell In Love With Each Other!

When Rei Germar had her boyfriend Migy Romulo do a makeup challenge for her vlog, we quickly latched onto their chemistry, wanting to see more of him on her channel. This prompted them to create another one solely focused on their relationship alone, which surely doubled our love for their love! To this day, they effortlessly win our hearts with their cheesy tweets for each other, sweetness in their YouTube videos, and endearing photos on Instagram. Get to know more about the couple who fell head over heels for each other even before their online fame began.

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How did you guys meet?

Migy: We’ve known each other before pa. I was talking to her na. We met sa music festival pero we were texting for weeks.

Rei: I had plans on going and he had plans on going also.

M: We met there and then a few dates after, we were together na.

R: Did you go there because I was going?

M: Exactly, yeah.

What was your first impression of each other? 

M: I was wearing glasses nun, but my friends told me I look better without glasses so tinanggal ko glasses ko. My grade is 600. I saw her close-up na, I told my friends “She’s so beautiful.” She’s charming and super sweet.

R: He was this cool, boy-next-door, famous kid in class. I thought he was a bit cocky, but really, he’s not. Lahat ng first impressions ko sa kanya, super iba. He’s so soft na parang he’s so warm na sobrang bait niyang tao. If you look at his photos, parang feeling mo sobrang cool niya na walang pake sa buong mundo but that’s the complete opposite. He’s so matulungin, generous, and kind.

When did you realize it was love? 

M: I was in love with her when we were texting palang kasi sobrang saya niya kausap. She’d send me long text messages and mag-fo-phone call lang kami every time. I loved her even before I saw her.

R: The time na na-feel ko na I’m in love with him was during our very first date. He went to my house and he wanted to meet my parents. I was like, “Dude, it’s our first date. Why would you want to meet my parents?” He was like, “I want to. I’m serious about this.”

How did you guys become official? 

M: We had a party at home, she got drunk, and she was crying.

R: I came from a four-year relationship and my ex was part of my circle. When Migy came, I assumed all of my friends were against him because siyempre, ex ko friend din nila. I was crying to my best friend saying “I really love him, I hope you’re happy for me. Sana ma-accept mo siya.” Migy pulled me out of the circle and he was like, “Why are you crying?”

M: She was saying a bunch of things about how much she appreciates me and then we kissed for the first time.

R: Our first kiss was a few minutes before maging kami. We were talking na, we said “I love you” to each other, and then I was like, “So, can I be your girl?”

M: And then I said, “You already are.”

R: I still clearly remember that night.

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Describe the kind of people you were then and the kind of people you are now that you have each other.

R: I would say he was still a boy, not a man. A tough boy who plays sports.

M: Dati, I didn’t really care about relationships. I had relationships pero mga three months lang. I just focused on my friends and family, and sports, until I met Rei. Now, four years na kami, and I’ve never been so happy. I am more mature now.

R: We goof around each other but when it’s time for the mature stuff, we man up together. Me naman, back then I was the person na left behind and hindi  na-a-appreciate. I never felt pretty back then. Sobrang baba ng tingin ko sa sarili ko back then, but when I met Migy, I believed in myself more, like “Oh, I can actually be good at something.” When I met Migy, I felt pretty. He always makes me feel pretty, he acknowledges what I want and what I don’t like kasi before, feel ko I didn’t have a voice but with him, he tries to understand. Yes, we have a lot of things in common but we also differ in so many things.

M: We grow and we help each other.

R: I feel like over time, marami akong na-figure out about myself and marami akong things na na-acquire when it comes to my personality and attitude because of him. I know that I was a good person, but he has made me a better one. I have become a better person in such a way na I love him so much, I have to respect na we have different views sa ibang bagay, pero I think that’s something that I truly like about our relationship because we always have something to talk about. It’s not like we argue about things we don’t agree on. It’s just that we always spark a conversation and we really talk about it.

What are your biggest similarities?

M: We love to eat and shop! Halos every other day, nagdi-dinner date kami.

R: Our dates consist of eating our favorite food and shopping. The things he likes, I have grown to like them also. I hated war films back then, but now, I enjoy them. He didn’t watch Filipino movies, but he does now.

What are your biggest differences?

R: To be honest, it’s a bit hard because sometimes we have different views on social issues but we always, always respect each other’s beliefs and we don’t let them ruin our relationship. 

M: Maybe the biggest difference is sya, sobrang sipag nya.

R: Mabait siyang tao but he’s very chill! He’s not stupid but I push him to be better!

M: We’re growing naman together!

What’s your favorite memory of each other? 

R: The very specific one siguro is our very first anniversary celebration. We went on a date, we had dinner. I loved that dinner because I didn’t imagine na  mag-o-one year kami. Now, we’re like going four years already. That night was so special talaga. Never ko makakalimutan 'yun.

M: Mine is the very first time we traveled together. I loved it so much because I was so proud of Rei. She built this YouTube channel, but now na naka-travel kami because of YouTube with big names, I was so happy for her. She was so happy.

R: We were so happy! What more could I ask for? I got to travel because of work and I was with him.

What do you love most about each other? 

M: Super sweet nya, kahit kaming dalawa lang. She shows me how much she loves me. Magcu-cuddle up lang siya.

R: I’m really expressive. Migy’s not that expressive but nakikita ko na sobrang na-a-appreciate nya 'yun. I love Migy’s heart. It’s so pure and it’s so good. His hands are always ready to help people, he always listens to people, he gives people chances, his heart is so genuine.

What’s one thing people don’t know about your relationship?

R: People think our relationship is perfect, but I want to let people know we fight and we also have miscommunications.

M: But the good thing is, we know how to deal with it. We just wanna be happy.

R: When we watch movies, parating may agreement. Gusto ko ng isang Tagalog film, but in return I have to watch whatever movie he wants to watch.

M: I want to end the night by watching a movie, after workout.

How do you handle conflict?

M: Good communication.

R: Back then, it was so hard kasi feeling ko  magkaiba 'yung ways namin. I’m the type of person na I would talk about the issue right then and there. Kapag nag-away kami, we talk about it agad.

M: Me naman, I’ll just be quiet. Gusto ko nalang makipag-usap when nag-cool down na kami pareho.

R: He knows I don’t like that.

M: But now, we compromise.

R: Kung ma-pride lang pareho, nothing will work.

M: Hindi  namin  pinapalaki  ang  mga issue.

R: He explains his point to me, and I explain mine to him, and we always try to understand each other at the end of every conversation. Sa lahat naman ng argument, everyone has a point. Kailangan mo lang ng good communication. If there’s an argument, we fix it, and once we fix it, we’re not gonna use it against each other.

M: After all, we’re a team. 

How do you stay connected to each other?

M: She updates me, calls me every night.

R: For me, it’s not important that we talk the whole day. Kahit at the end of the day lang  tapos we update each other na. For most times naman, we’re together. I’m used to having him around. 

Any plans for the future?

M: We’re going to continue to work and focus on our YouTube channel.

R: To be honest, I don’t see myself with a different person na. We wanna build a business, travel, do things together.

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