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#ChalkLovesElisse: Elisse Joson On Why She Doesn't Need To Prove Anyone Wrong

#ChalkLovesElisse: Elisse Joson On Why She Doesn't Need To Prove Anyone Wrong



In an industry where finding your identity–let alone staying true to it–can be a real inner struggle, 22-year-old Elisse Joson seems to have found her footing. With seven years and counting, this actress' showbiz journey has taught her to hold on to her core, listen to the only voices that matter, and keep going through life without losing touch with her dreams.

Elisse admits that one of the biggest hurdles in the entertainment industry is how people tend to make an image up of her. From thoughtless misconceptions to misinformed opinions, it's not easy being exposed to the public eye. She reveals, "Sometimes that messes with my head na parang, 'Dapat ba ganito ako  o ganyan ako?' You have to know who you really are. Kung hindi, baka mawala ka."

And when asked what keeps her from losing her identity, Elisse is quick to answer that she owes it to the people who have always been there for her pre-showbiz. But aside from having her family and friends to ground her, she has also acquired a kind of mentality that lets her separate the noise from what's worth listening to. "If I spend my life trying to prove people wrong, hindi na ako magiging masaya," says the level-headed beauty. "So as long as I know myself and what my intentions are, then nothing else would matter. Ang importante lang naman ay ikaw tapos si God; kilala ka naman niya so just let it be."

Staying true to her core carries over to the kind of message Elisse wants to send to her fans. "I don’t want to act a certain way just for them to idolize me," she says. "I'd like to think that the values I learned at home and how I treat others are enough to inspire them."

On the outside, Elisse's radiant beauty may be close to flawless. Her gentle heart may even elevate her to angelic. But her truest self is simple: Elisse just wants to do her own thing while making her family proud.

At the moment, she seems to be in a good place. Her work calendar isn't jampacked, but she's not one to overwork herself anyway. So what else is she making room for in her life? "I just want to make mistakes and keep growing."

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