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Hottie Alert: Meet Rei Germar, An Emerging Influencer Who Is More Than Just Another Name Online

Hottie Alert: Meet Rei Germar, An Emerging Influencer Who Is More Than Just Another Name Online

At 21 years old, Rei Germar seems to know exactly what she's doing. She travels the world in style, works with brands she only used to buy, and makes money from doing something she truly loves. You may be one of her hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, one of the users of her eponymous app that peaked at number one in the Apple Store’s lifestyle section a day after its release, or both.

In the midst of it all, with a lot changed since she launched her YouTube channel, Rei remains grounded. She tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle, “I owe everything to my family, friends, and subscribers because none of these would have happened if it wasn’t for them." She adds how she’s also thankful for having her boyfriend Migy by her side. “There are times na mati-trigger ako ng ibang tao to do wrong, but Migy is always that person na ‘No, babe. Be the better person. You know your heart; people know your heart.’”

Following her busy schedule, Rei got real about how her social circle has become smaller. Yet, for her, it’s all good. “You don’t really need a lot of friends in your life; you just need true ones.” The vlogger keeps her relationship bonds strong, even more so now that she has started small businesses with some of her peers.

Outside the realm of social media, Rei keeps up as a bona fide entrepreneur. She put up clothing brand Point Zero with her best friend last November. They design the clothes themselves, finding fulfillment in their sketches coming to life. “Our brand is not just street, girly, but it’s also corporate. We just don’t wanna focus on one thing. We wanna be that point na nandun lahat.” Apart from hoping to work on shoes and bags soon, they’re also looking to have their first physical store in Metro Manila, and later expand their operations in Cebu and Davao.

Rei also got a small events company off the ground dubbed as “Miss Flamingo.” She shares, “Me and my friends have the same passion for events and marketing so we really had the perfect team to do it.” They have designed a few parties and events, and will soon create something new that will bring out their edge from their counterparts. “For now, we’re like Avengers. We’re always on call so when something comes up, we work on it together.”

As she continues to strive to be the best version of herself—be it as a YouTuber, entrepreneur, or events stylist—Rei stays firm in not being “just an influencer that does nonsense.” She declares, “The world is so toxic right now. With everything going on, it’s so cruel and I just don’t want to add to that.” Apart from her plans to stay vocal about her political views and work with brands that share the same values as her, the vlogger also revealed that she will soon put up merch where part of the proceeds will go to her chosen charity and support more children with her own money at World Vision, an organization dedicated to improving the state of kids living in poverty—something she has done even before her rise to online fame.

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