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In Focus: So What If She's Now Engaged To A Man? Proud Bi Patty Tiu Still Fights Next To The LGBTQ!

In Focus: So What If She's Now Engaged To A Man? Proud Bi Patty Tiu Still Fights Next To The LGBTQ!

By Deina Blancaflor

Famed DJ and cycling instructor Patty Tiu is frickin' tired of it. "I can't even," she breathes out, attempting to exhale her perpetual vexation over people in this age boxing something as fluid as sexuality. Patty has always been proud as a bisexual, with a history of dating boys and then girls and so forth since high school. She's been known as the other half of DJ duo "Deuce Manila," with her ex-partner Kat DJ. She has since operated solo as "Deuce," eventually meeting fellow music mixer and now-fiancé Mark "DJ MK" Thompson.

But Patty finding her great love was met with some haterade. Much to her chagrin, she had a few coming from her queer fellows.

“For me, sexuality is liquid. It’s so broad. For me, I never believed that a woman can only be attracted to a man or a man can only be attracted to a woman or like only to their opposite sex. I always believed that when you’re attracted to someone, it’s so free na it’s (more of) a feeling," she declares.

“Well, I’m really engaged. But supporting or being an advocate of LGBTQ, it doesn’t mean you have to be one. You don’t have to be gay to support a movement. You know I have a lot of friends and family—who are LGBTQ. I just believe that they should have the same rights everyone else has."

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Despite being quite a name in her own industry—and a fierce one at that, Patty as an out bisexual still encountered drawbacks. She's fully aware of the discrimination the LGBTQIA+ community faces every day.

“You know, it’s (discrimination) still big, like I have a lot of friends (who are queer) but if it’s like a straight couple and they kissed, it’s okay. But I see my two guy friends kiss in front of me and the world loses it. For me, it’s not a big thing ‘cause di’ba, they’re just giving affection to each other?”

Yet, Patty knows it's best to choose which battles to take on instead. “Sometimes you deflect, sometimes you fight. Sometimes silence is the best also. ‘Pag di mo pinatulan, it ends eh. Pag pinatulan mo, the bigger it gets.”

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Patty likes to think she's been doing her part in the cause. She's a ceritified social media influencer with her 142k+ followers seeing her as a role model in music and fitness alike. “A modern hero? It’s hard to say the word because it’s such a big word to live up to, but I guess it’s (just me) being fierce in a way na you fight for the things that you want, you fight for the things that should be right (about), and you fight for the people who should have those (same) rights.”

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Produced by Camille Santiago | Creative direction by Barry Viloria | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Shot by Tin Zabat | Edited by Lui Jimenez | Makeup Patrick lcober, Jinx Agabao, and Maws Diaz of Make Up For Ever | Sam Corbillon of Triple Luck Brow and Nail Salon | Shot on location at City Garden Grand Hotel | Special thanks to Margarette Domingo | Banner image by Lui Jimenez



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