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Hotties Alert: This Adorable Singing Duo Has Toured 200+ Schools In The PH As Part Of Their Cause!

Hotties Alert: This Adorable Singing Duo Has Toured 200+ Schools In The PH As Part Of Their Cause!

Tall, talented head-turner twins Christian and Jesse Perkins continue to emerge as a hot pop duo in the Philippines. But while they are famous for their looks and voice, these young lads will surprise you more with their, yes, advocacy toward the youth. They have toured over 200 various K-12 campuses around the country—both public and private—encouraging kids to do good and stay out of trouble. Their pep talks focus on keeping a firm faith and staying pure, as well as saying no to drugs, alcohol, smoking, and bullying. Christian shares, “Our work is our advocacy and our advocacy is our work. Our main goal is to spread love and inspire people to be better.” Jesse adds, “We hope the youth could always try switching their mindset from ‘You only live once so do bad things’ to ‘You only live once so be careful.'"

The two have always practiced what they preached. "Ever since we were young, our parents taught us to do the right thing and follow what the Bible says,” Jesse recalls. Yet it's no matter of desiring for perfection, Christian clears. "We make mistakes every day but we’re just trying to encourage everyone not to take too many bad risks that could have bad consequences... Hopefully that won’t be a unique thing in the future—that a lot of people will follow the trend of doing good.”

What do the seemingly perfect twins who seem to be living a seemingly perfect life get from this all? What do they get from this life-touching endeavor that, come to think of it, is tedious and time-consuming? Just plain satisfaction from pursuing a passion, they say. “Everywhere we go, there’s an amazing experience,” reveals Jesse, recalling that one time two young clinically depressed ladies neared him to say thanks after the duo's inspiring talk. “They said when they heard what we’re talking about, they were somehow enlightened and encouraged to move forward in life. That’s exactly what we’re going for. It inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing!”

Still, this is no temporary social media pogi points raking feat, mind you. In fact, the Perkins Twins are even working on a film to carry out their passion project. "It's an advocacy-based movie so our message will carry on to it,” Jesse teases, as Christian hints at new music that we sure can’t wait to jam out to!

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