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Hottie Alert: Geoff Eigenmann On The Things About Fatherhood That Nobody Tells You About

Hottie Alert: Geoff Eigenmann On The Things About Fatherhood That Nobody Tells You About

Matinee idol Geoff Eigenmann just celebrated his first Father's Day last Sunday with his nine-month-old daughter Arabella Simone and partner Angeli Mae a.k.a. "Maya" Flores. And while being a father for the first time brings life's biggest changes, the actor from the well-known Eigenmann clan seems to be handling it well; balancing work, boxing, Jiu Jitsu, CrossFit, and fatherhood all at the same time! Read on below to know how Geoff handles it all!

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Tell us about the moment you found out you were to become a dad. 
"I was definitely on cloud nine! That’s when everything (parenthood) officially started happening."

How did you overcome doubts and judgment around when people heard you were "too young" to father your own?
"Don’t know about being too young to be a dad, but all the doubts were actually just in my head. Each day, something happens that justifies that this is what I’m here for now."

What changed when you became a dad?
"Everything! From sleeping habits to surroundings to priorities and everything else in between!"

Tell us about your relationship with your baby mama.
"One-of-a-kind! Never been so open about everything that’s happened in my life with someone and definitely the one person i want grow a family with."

What kind of luxuries did you have to give up to support your kid?
"When I was single, I used to love being in solitude; now, that’s rarely possible!"

Name three "hot daddy" essentials!
"Clean mind, clean heart, and clean body. If all three are aligned, everything else will fall into place."

Who's your #daddypeg, if at all?
"David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth."

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