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Hottie Alert: Meet Carlo Sunico—Fitness Coach, Businessman, Total Eye Candy, And, Yes, Daddy

Hottie Alert: Meet Carlo Sunico—Fitness Coach, Businessman, Total Eye Candy, And, Yes, Daddy

The journey to fatherhood came as a total surprise to businessman and fitness coach Carlo Sunico. He was 23 then so like any young dad, he admits a set of doubts and fears came with it. It’s a great thing, however, that everyone was supportive as he started a new chapter of his story. Below, the hottie dad muses on his life he says gets better each day with his bundle of joy Damien by his side!

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Tell us about the moment you found out you were to become a dad.

"My girlfriend at the time wasn’t expecting it at all. A lot of mixed emotions were there—mostly fear of what our parents would think and doubts about us being capable parents.... I’m no longer with my girlfriend then, but it doesn’t change the love we have for our son. I just call up grandma whenever I plan to spend time with him."

How did you overcome doubts and judgment around when people heard you were “too young” to father your own?

"No one really said that we were too young, on my end at least. Everyone was supportive."

Were there changes since you became a dad?

"Well, I don’t go to parties as much as before. A lot changed, and it wasn’t exactly for the best. I let the pressure get to me and honestly, I cracked."

What’s your favorite thing about your son?

"That’s a tough one but most likely how expressive his face is. You should see him! He’s so funny when he starts telling stories and making faces!"

What are your 'hot dad' essentials?

"Just keep it simple and don’t focus on the material aspect of it. Be a better version of who you were yesterday, be a loving parent, and have a great sense of humor."

Who’s your ‘hot dad’ peg, if at all?

"Ryan Reynolds because he’s a funny guy! I honestly think that goes a long way."

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