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In Focus: Acting Newbie Atom Araullo Spills What Went Inside His Head While Filming 'Citizen Jake'

In Focus: Acting Newbie Atom Araullo Spills What Went Inside His Head While Filming 'Citizen Jake'

Atom Araullo is no stranger to being on cam. In fact, he has spent so much of his working life as a broadcast journalist and a TV host. It's a bit different this time, however, as the former ABS-CBN News hot property marks his acting debut via the newly released Citizen Jake, a film he co-wrote with director Mike De Leon and comic book writer Noel Pascual. “I was wearing different hats as a co-scriptwriter, as an actor, and there were times Direk Mike would consult me about some creative decisions,” Atom shared on the set of his upcoming commercial for #CheriferPremium. He stressed how it has helped a lot when it came to acting the role out. “Because of that, I was able to understand the story and the character quite well.”

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The multitalented bachelor likens his preparations for his acting role to a crash course. In fact, he undertook a few workshops a month before the filming process and could only express gratitude for the people who have helped him with his performance. True, a month of training was not enough to make him an exceptional actor, he said, before going on about how the experience tested his confidence and sense of self. “I was just going for it! I was not second-guessing myself," he said.

As a newbie in acting, Atom has accepted the fact that he wouldn't be able to please everyone. “I knew I was going to expose myself to a lot of criticism and a lot of people were going to be watching. Some might not even be rooting for me and I should be okay with that.” Almost everything in the world of cinema is subjective, he continued. “Some people will like it, some people will hate it—that’s all part of the film industry. I knew not everyone will be thrilled to have a non-actor play such an important role in an important director’s comeback movie, but that’s fine. I just have to carry on, learn, and be proud of what I have accomplished.”

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan and Cherifer Philippines



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