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Love Actually: Newly Wed Billy Crawford And Coleen Garcia Open Up On Their Rom-Com-Like Story

Love Actually: Newly Wed Billy Crawford And Coleen Garcia Open Up On Their Rom-Com-Like Story

Some of our favorite rom-coms started with one of the characters hating the other. Our hearts flutter as we watch their romance unfold in stages – even more so when in the end, they choose to live happily ever after. That’s what happened to actress Coleen Garcia who used to avoid her husband Billy Crawford at all costs as she found him “mayabang and obnoxious.” By fate, it changed into a beautiful love story day by day, showing beyond doubt that their hearts are meant for each other.

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How did you meet?

Coleen: We met at work – on It’s Showtime.

How did you know you’re in love with each other?

Billy: In love, early stages. I really fell in love with her and I’m even more in love now that I’m married to her.

C: He said I love you to me and for 11 months, he never got a response to his I love you.

B: That really sucked, by the way. It’s kinda hard to fall in love with someone that you don’t know if that person loves you or not for 11 months.

C: At least his feelings were tried and tested na but it took me about 11 months but I knew earlier than that that I love him. It’s just that hindi ko pa sinasabi kasi I was scared.

First impressions?

B: She hated me.

C: I didn’t like him. I thought he was mayabang and he was so noisy all the time. He’s very obnoxious and I stayed away from him. Because of that, we never really talked; we never had a relationship even as friends. We never started out as friends and then one day, I was really down and he was really down and then we opened up to each other about our problems. That was when we realized we have a lot of things in common.

B: We weren’t really crossing paths as much nung una palang. Like obviously, she’s pretty but I didn’t know anything about her. Hindi talaga siya nagpaparamdam eh. Even if it’s lunch with the whole Showtime family, she wasn’t really around as much. As in, we crossed paths lang for work. 'Yun lang.

C: There were times when we’d see each other but I was annoyed and I would avoid him. Si Billy, bully siya before and there were so many times na I was victim to that bullying and I felt so ugggh!

What’s your fave memory of each other?

B: My favorite memory of her so far is her walking down the aisle.

C: My favorite memory is seeing him cry.

B: I knew that was gonna be it!

C: He was crying the whole time I was walking down the aisle!

How are you similar to each other?

B: We’re both stubborn.

C: But he’s more stubborn!

B: Guilty. We’re also both children of God.

C: We share the same beliefs, values, and perspectives in life.

B: And we both love food so much!

How are you different from each other?

C: I can’t dance! I think that’s our biggest difference.

B: I cannot write and speak as well as she does.

C: But parang we have more similarities.

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How do you guys handle conflict?

C: We used to handle it very poorly but nowadays, we learn from our mistakes.

B: Good job on being honest! I think everyone’s guilty. It’s a process so whenever there are differences or problems involved, it really takes both of us to talk it out.

C: We don’t let temper get ahead of us. Whenever we handle our problems, we have to talk openly, transparently, honestly, without being offensive, and without emotions involved.

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Photographs taken from Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia's Instagram accounts



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