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In Focus: See How Dimples Romana's Enjoying Mommyhood One Crazy Adventure At A Time!

In Focus: See How Dimples Romana's Enjoying Mommyhood One Crazy Adventure At A Time!

Yes, motherhood can be unpredictable in so many ways but for Dimples Romana, whom we recently chatted up at the #Promil4IShine6 event, that’s what makes it "beautiful, crazy, and like an adventure!" The 33 year-old actress is presently juggling her career with raising Callie and Alonzo, who she says are her ultimate sources of motivation.

“It’s always so different! I have one that’s super shy, very reserved, very creative when it comes to art, but very shy in terms of performance (Callie). The other kid is out there, totally outgoing, totally opposite of the other one (Alonzo),” she began.

“With Callie, I remember we would just have quiet moments together; it’s very constant. With Cal, she’s the one who gives me strength. With your children, they give you different gifts, and for Callie, that’s strength. For Alonzo, that’s joy. I feel like I can do anything with him. He’s always fearless and that makes me think ‘You know what, if my three-year-old is fearless, then I can be fearless, too!’”

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For this celebrity mom, life has been nothing short of an adventure bringing out a better version of herself each day.

“I guess it’s really keeping the balance and the harmony in your home kasi the mom is always the mood setter of the family. When the mom is not in the mood, everybody else is not in the mood so I guess what’s really important is the mom will always be in a balanced position. You also wanna be your own person kasi we cannot give if we’re not whole as a mother so it has to be self-care first and self-respect before we can actually pass that on to our kids," she said about the challenges.

Yet, she countered, “The best one is really just not knowing what’s going to happen the day after today because it’s like an adventure. Tomorrow, you don’t know what kind of fears you’re gonna overcome, what kind of strength you’re gonna earn and really, the beauty of motherhood is the adventure of it, you don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Also, while you’re being a mom, you’re exploring your own self–you get to learn more about yourself.”

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