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Love Actually: Newly Engaged Rodjun Cruz And Dianne Medina On Their Picture-Perfect Romance

Love Actually: Newly Engaged Rodjun Cruz And Dianne Medina On Their Picture-Perfect Romance

After almost 11 years together, Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina are finally tying the knot in December 2019. No relationship is all sunshine and rainbows, but these two shared at the #SkechersMoveInStyle event that they stay by each other’s side through life’s ups and downs, constantly proving the strength and beauty of their love. Read on to know more about the soon-to-be-married couple's beautiful romance, as well as their simple ways to make it last.

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How did you meet?

Dianne: "We first met at ABS-CBN. I actually did my on-the-job training there. While I was walking in ABS-CBN, Direk Edgar Mortiz saw me and sabi nya, 'Pasok kitang artista.' That’s where I met Rodjun. We were actually under the same handler, under the management of Mr. Johnny Manahan, Star Magic. Dun kami nagkakilala."

What was your first impression of each other?

D: "My first impression of Rodjun is actually, I had a crush on him. I liked him the first time I saw him. It’s just that I was a bit hesitant because when I asked him about his brother Rayver, he told me that Rayver is older than him. So, parang ako, 'Um, wait lang, ayoko ng bata.' Yun pala, nagpapa-cute lang sya nun. So from there, everything started na."

Rodjun: "Si Dianne kasi, nakita ko sa TV. Sabi ko, 'Sino ‘tong girl na ‘to? Sobrang pretty naman nito.' Nanonood lang ako ng TV, tapos parang nag-stop yung heart ko, ang ganda naman kasi nya. Natuwa ako na nakita ko siya in person so nung time na yun, nag-guest siya, nakita ko siya, sobrang mas maganda pa pala siya in person. Nung time na yun, nagkacrush din ako sa kanya. Pero syempre, hindi ko naman iniisip na ligawan agad siya. So, nakakatuwa naman kasi same handler lang talaga kami nung time na yun. Hanggang nagkasama kami sa isang show, talagang niligawan ko na siya, tapos nagstart na yung mga masasayang pangyayari sa buhay namin."

At what moment did you realize you were in love with each other?

R: "Siguro, yung paggising ko sa umaga, sya agad yung nasa isip ko. Tapos bago ako matulog, siya pa din nasa isip ko."

D: "Ako siguro more of Rodjun being family-oriented and at the same time, he’s very religious. I’m actually a devout Catholic. I’m active in church, I’m a lector and commentator. It’s really rare for you to see someone na compatible with you, most especially when it comes to religion na talagang hardcore. Minsan mahirap hatakin yung iba magsimba, to pray the rosary with you, to go to the adoration chapel with you. Hindi ganun si Rodjun. Also, masasabi ko talaga na 'Mahal ko na talaga ‘to. I really love this person' was the moment I saw that he really loves my family. He values my family so much and kung sino mga importante at mahal ko, importante for him and mahal din niya, most especially my mom."

What are your biggest similarities?

D: "We both love to dance. We both love Skechers!"

How are you different from each other?

D: "I’m a very outgoing person, madaldal, maingay. I think Rodjun before was tahimik and nahihiya."

What's your fave thing about each other?

D: "Talagang Rodjun being so religious and being very family-oriented. What I also like about him is actually, it doesn’t matter to me na mama’s boy si Rodjun. Kung paano niya i-value and i-treat yung mom niya, hindi malayong ganun din niya ako ite-treat in the future the moment na together na kami after ikasal."

R: "Syempre bukod sa sobrang ganda ni Dianne, mabuti yung puso niya and sa sobrang pagkablessed niya, hindi niya iniisip sarili niya. Kapag may blessings siya, tumutulong siya sa cancer patients. Hindi niya pinapaalam yun. Nagseserve siya sa church, nagkakasundo kami, yung faith namin kay Lord. Syempre sobrang family-oriented din siya, ganun din siya sa family ko. Love niya family ko, so mas lalo pang lumambot puso ko nun."

How do you guys handle conflict?

D: "Important sa amin yung communication, trust, and loyalty. I respect his values, his views, kasi you cannot change a person. Magkakaiba ‘yan eh. So you have to understand yung history niya, kung saan siya nanggagaling. Psychologically speaking, dapat naiintindihan mo kasi iba-iba tayo ng kinalakihan so I value and I respect him. Vice versa."

What's next for you?

D: "We’re actually getting married next year, December 2019. Right now, ongoing yung wedding preparations, yung plans namin together. Pero of course our dream talaga is to have our own family."

R: "I look forward to our wedding. Syempre wedding preparations tapos ngayon, tuloy pa din naman kami sa work namin. Kailangan eh. Tapos future siguro, to build our own family, to have kids. Simple lang, basta maging happy family. Also, love din talaga namin yung job namin so syempre tuloy pa din namin ang work namin."

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Photographs taken from Dianne and Rodjun's Instagram accounts



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