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Love Actually: These High School Sweethearts Grew To Be Each Other's Ultimate Fitspo!

Love Actually: These High School Sweethearts Grew To Be Each Other's Ultimate Fitspo!

Even though Patricia Ramos is as fit as fit can get, and Juan “Mico” Resurreccion is a bodybuilder, what started their relationship was one smile during a high school interaction. With that, they discovered more about each other, eventually becoming each other’s fitspirations (and of course ours!). Read more below on how their eight year relationship developed and how these two fitness enthusiasts make it work.

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Do you guys remember how and where you met?

Mico: I was in La Salle Green Hills and she went to School of the Holy Spirit, so we met during a high school interaction. Interaction is a day when the all-boys school is scheduled to “interact,” for lack of a better word, with the all-girls school. This took place November of 2008. During Interaction, both classes, boys and girls, were assigned to sit in a giant circle alternating boy and girl. We were also assigned partners. The two ladies I sat beside was of course my partner, and on the other side was Pat.

Patricia: It’s funny because I was about to skip school that day. I don’t know if we would have met otherwise. Talk about life-changing!

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What were your first impressions of each other?  

P: I thought he was cute, confident, and charismatic. I confused his confidence as being full of himself at the time though, so I didn’t like him very much at first. I thought he was just one of “those guys."

M: Funny you asked this question because the first activity we had was to put a piece of paper on our backs and have people write (their) first impressions on that piece of paper. What I wrote on her back was, “You have a nice smile.” For me, the smile is usually the first thing I notice in someone.

At what moment did you realize that two you were in love?

M: To be honest, there wasn’t a triggering moment that made me realize, “Oh…I think I love her.” I didn’t just wake up one morning and say that. We’ve been dating for eight years now and in that time span, I’ve progressively been falling in love with her.

P: I think I realized we had something special when we just never ran out of things to talk about and our dates always ended too soon. I just always wanted to spend time with him and pick his brain. I loved that our conversations had substance too.

How did you become “official”?

M: I texted her on New Year’s Eve. (Laughs) Romantic, right?

P: (Laughs)

What are your biggest similarities? 

P: We think eerily alike.

M: (Nods) The way we think is our biggest similarity. We started discovering this the more time we spent with each other and it came to a point where we both were humming the same songs in our head (without doing it out loud), sending the same exact messages to each other through chat and text, and of course finishing each other’s sentences.

P: Finishing each other’s sentences is a daily occurrence.

M: It happened slowly over time, but from the very beginning I kind of already knew our brains were running on the same frequency.

P: Best way I can describe it is we’re like two peas in a pod.

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How about differences? How do you work them out? 

M: I’m a morning person and she’s not.

P: I’m kind of an insomniac. I work best at odd hours of the night, whereas Mico has always been a morning person. Sometimes we have no choice but to see each other at noon onwards and not a minute before so that one, I can get some sleep and two, he can get most of his work done. It works out pretty well.

M: Melatonin for me and coffee for her usually does the trick. (Laughs)

What do you love most about each other? 

P: He’s full of surprises. Even after almost 10 years of knowing each other, there are still so many things about him that I don’t know. I still get those, "Really, you did that?" moments.

M: Her self-assurance, strong personality, and bullheadedness. I also love—and hate—that sometimes, she knows more about me than I do with myself.

P: Another thing I love about him is how special and wanted he makes me feel. Even when I’m having a bad body image day, he knows exactly how to cheer me up. The best part about it is I know he’s genuine.

How about when you fight? How do you handle conflicts?

M: Whenever there’s a conflict, more often than not, we fight about it, compromise then apologize to each other. There are a lot of ways we make our relationship work but for me, the most significant way is by accepting her for who she is whole heartedly.

P: Our relationship was never about being submissive and placating. If something is bothering me or him, we tell each other right away. I’m more direct and frank, so he usually knows right away when something is bugging me. (Smiles) He’s a little more passive in letting me know that something is bothering him, but I’ve known him long enough to see the signs.

Do you have any pet names?

P: We have a lot of pet names and they all have to do with cats. They’re really lame and embarrassing, so that’s all I’m going to say about that!

So far, what’s your favorite memory of each other?

P: I have a lot!

M: I also have a lot of favorite memories with her but one of my most favorite memories was when she won gold in the junior’s bikini division and 5th place in the open category for her height class at the Arnold Classic Asia 2016.  It was the culmination of her hard work, persistence, blood, sweat and tears. She came into the competition with the mindset of giving it her absolute best and enjoying every moment of it no matter if she placed or not. And most importantly, she brought out that inner confidence that she doubts most of the time and it definitely shined on stage.

P: (For me,) the first was during the Interaction when we first met. He wrote his first impression on my back as part of one of our school activities. ‘You have a nice smile.’ That was when I realized that there may be more to him after all.  Another was when we were at a party and someone mistook him for a gangster and called him Mico G—as in G for gangster. We thought it was hilarious and just went with it. I like how he can be totally serious and then next, be totally comical and spontaneous.

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How do you support each other and allow the other to become your best versions? 

P: I used to compare myself to a ridiculous stereotype until I met him and he made me see that I could have my own thing going.

M: Our love language is both time spent together so supporting each other means being physically present. Emotional support comes in the form of unconditional acceptance whether it’s negative or positive. If there’s an ugali I don’t like about her and vise versa, we tell each other, “You don’t have to be with me if you can’t accept who I am.” At the end of the day, we’ve realized that despite everything, we would also end up choosing to be with each other and accept the other for who he or she is.

P: It took some time for me to start accepting the things I used to hate or want to change about myself, but I’ve come a long way thanks to him. I think I’m a much stronger person now because of his support and acceptance. It’s like a big safety net.  

M: In all honesty, we get frustrated with each other because we both know what the other is capable of. We keep each other in check so we don’t become complacent. I guess that’s our way of inspiring each other.

How do you fit each other into your schedules?

P: Schedule-wise, we’re pretty flexible. We’re both students and we also do a lot of freelance work on the side. So we keep busy, but we don’t work 9-5. We have a lot of joint ventures together too, so we work together a lot outside of our ‘couple/date’ stuff. Work is work. Downtime is downtime. We try to separate the two as much as possible. When we’re working, we’re not boyfriend/girlfriend; we’re colleagues or partners. When we’re not working anymore, we go back to being more girlfriend/boyfriend. It helps keep work-related stressors from negatively impacting our relationship.

You have a huge online following. How do you stay connected despite the ‘disconnect’ brought by social media and technology? 

P: Authenticity. It’s easy to only put your best self online and pretend that life is perfect, but that’s rarely the case. We try to be as authentic and transparent as possible while still being somewhat marketable. We make sure that the persona we put out online is as close to our real personas as possible.

M: Communication, communication, communication. We’ve been talking to each other non-stop ever since the day we met each other. It’s insane how we’ve never really had moments where there was nothing to talk about. During dates, we also make it a point to put our phones down and enjoy each others company.

P: It’s a challenge sometimes to disconnect from our phones and we’ve fought about it a few times. In the end, we compromised. Phones are down when we’re out on dates, or when we’re in the car driving, because that’s when we have some of our best conversations. Gotta keep ourselves occupied in Manila traffic somehow, right?

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Mico, what’s one thing about Patricia that people don’t know?

M:  She’s extremely introverted. Nothing scares her more than being in the spotlight. Ironic, how she’s a bikini competitor right?

And Pat, is there anything about Mico that people don’t know?

P:  He’s extremely private. There are very few people in this world who know how he truly is and I’m one of them (snickers). I consider that a privilege.

Any plans for the future?  

P:  We will be competing in bodybuilding shows this year. Some shows we will be doing together, some we won’t be. The last time we competed together was in 2015. Our competition preparation starts in a few weeks, so feel free to follow our journey if you’re interested. We document our progress daily on Instagram through feed posts and stories. We have some other exciting plans for this year as well. A couple of months ago, we released our first product called Booty Bands. We are launching Booty CampT, which is the first booty-blasting resistance band workout class in the Philippines. It’s a one-hour workout class that promotes overall leg development using a combination of exercises and plyometrics. It’s a high-intensity workout that can also aid fat-burning while building overall strength and endurance.

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Photographs taken from Mico Ressurecion's and Patricia Ramo's Instagram accounts



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