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Love Actually: Photog Jeff Ong And Blogger Rhea Bue Make For An Almost Picture-Perfect Relationship!

Love Actually: Photog Jeff Ong And Blogger Rhea Bue Make For An Almost Picture-Perfect Relationship!

You could say blogger Rhea Bue (@iamrheabue)  and photographer-graphic designer Jeffrey Ong (@iamrheabue) contrast each other a lot (say, she gets panicky and he's more of the chillaxed dude.) But after months of being official, this young couple lives true to the idea that maybe opposites do attract. Their relationship has become so solid, they have recently launched their own clothing line, Twenteeyet! In our chat with the IG-ready pair, they teach us that laughing at yourself, owning who you are, and learning from your partner can make your relationship more than just about the 'Gram!

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Take us back to when you guys met!

Rhea: We first met at SM Megamall! He invited me for a dinner and movie date but I told him we were just hanging out and it wasn't a date. (Laughs) He was very shy and he was always on his phone, so I kinda hated him at first.  

Jeff: My first impression of her (was) that she's maarte and mataray. But no pala. She's a super simple girl. But, the mataray part is sometimes true. Peace! (Laughs)

R: On our next dates, he turned out to be so sweet (Smiles)  

How did you become “official”?  You’ve been together for more than a year now, right?

J: We became official on January 1, 2017. After I celebrated New Year's with my family, I went straight to her condo and up to the rooftop. Then I called her (and) told here, "Hi, Go up 'cause I'm here at your rooftop."

R: He rang me and asked me to go up! And there he was, holding a bouquet with a letter saying, "Will you be my girlfriend?" (Smiles)  

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Do you remember the moment that you realized that you two were in love? Plus, how did you let the other person know?

J: It was during our first trip to La Union that I got to know her more personally and through her friends as well. You know what they say: the best way to know a person is when you travel with them.

R: Also, when we first had our road trip with our friends in La Union, I saw how he (got) along with my friends. I also got to know him more through traveling and see how he handles things. So one night in LU, we were having dinner with friends, had a really fun night, then I finally confessed my feelings to him. It was mutual so our relationship really started from there.

In the time since you became a couple, what would you say are your biggest similarities?

J: We both love to travel. That's the first topic we talked about when we started messaging each other.

R: We are (also) into photography! That was another thing we talked about when we first met.

J:  And, oh, Japanese food!

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How about biggest differences? How do you work this out?

J: Our biggest difference is that she panics easily and I'm pretty chill most of the time.

R: I move really fast or I panic easily since I'm time conscious while Jeff is always chill. To help me, Jeff usually adjusts when he sees that I'm getting frustrated already. (Laughs) His chill vibe also helps me in a way as well para I'm not always panicking!

J: One more difference is that she's clean and tidy when it comes to her stuff which means that my stuff are kinda messy. But the good thing is we both learn from each other.

Do you have any pet names?

R: We call each other "baby". (Laughs).  We used to call each other "bunny" but we both decided to stick to "baby" instead. (Laughs)

Favorite memory together thus far?

R: When he planned a surprise birthday party for me! (Laughs) I was really surprised because he was the first one to do a such thing for me. It was really sweet of him to gather all of my friends and even ask my friend to email me that there will be a food tasting event at their resto. To my surprise, the event was my birthday party! (Laughs)

J: My favorite memory of Rhea is during our first date which is actually our second date. But we don't consider our first date as our first date (laughs). You get what I mean? Anyway, during our “first date”, we went to Barcino after her job interview. We got drunk and that's the first time I saw her drunk. She did funny things and we just laughed the whole night.

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What’s it like working together?

R: When Jeff has shoots, I usually help him set up the lights, be his test shoot model (or) just be there in case he needs help with creative directing.

J: Even if we have differences, she has a point when sometimes she tells me things that I should correct—like being on time and being responsible for my decisions and actions, which I think is needed in order to grow. I read in an article before that if your partner doesn't encourage you to be your best then he or she doesn’t care at all.

R: With Jeff supporting me naman, he would really find ways to help me achieve my dreams and goals. Him pushing me to do what I really want he gives me more will to achieve it.

Does work ever get in the way of quality time?

J: We make sure that we have time for each other no matter how busy our sched is. Sometimes I invite her to go out to eat or watch a movie. But most of the time we go to events together. It's sort of our date already.

R: We usually share our calendars together to make sure that our schedules won't clash.

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What do you love most about each other?

R: He's very patient and loving. He’s the sweetet and most clingy between the two of us.

J:  l love the way she talks, her eyes and her beauty. I also love how responsible she is and that she has a dream for our future.

Speaking of future…

J: We're going to India this coming February and we're going to Hong Kong on her birthday (in) June. And yes! We have plans on getting married two years from now.

R: Settle down (by) 2020!

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Photographs from Rhea Bue and Jeffrey Ong

Banner Image by Lui Jimenez



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