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Love Actually: Sportscaster Migs Bustos' Inspiring Marriage With His College Sweetheart!

Love Actually: Sportscaster Migs Bustos' Inspiring Marriage With His College Sweetheart!

College sweethearts Migs Bustos and Mischi Mediana have been together for eight years. And in that period of time, they went through some pretty drastic career shifts. Migs, the one-time sports coach, is now sports anchor on ABS-CBN Sports + Action and ANC (Gametime) and sports reporter and host for ABS CBN News. Mischi, meanwhile, traded her TV reporting gig for the chance to fly around the world on the regular. 

But if there's anything we've learned from them, it's that no matter what challenges work throws, constant support and understanding can keep the fire alive. That, and love at first sight really does exist!

The first time you met was in college? 

Migs: Technically we met in 2006 when we were in first year college. But we reconnected when I crashed a party and nagkataon she was there.

Mischi: We knew of each other since before college because of common friends. But it wasn't until January 2009 when we had a real conversation. Because I'm one of the few people he knew there, he went up to me and made me beso. He's going to say I was the first one who said hi and made beso but this is a lie. (Laughs) 

What did you think of each other after you made beso? 

Migs: It was love at second sight.

Mischi: I thought he was very attractive, charming, and a good conversationalist! We ended up talking to each other for more than four hours during that night.

Migs: I’ve always known Mischi to be smart and the achiever in her community. So yun yung nagstick sa akin nung I saw her again. 

We take it that impression still hold true? 

Migs: Yes. I always have intellectual conversations with her and learn from her every day. When it comes to math and computations, she’s the (wo)man!

Mischi: Migs is still my crush! (Laughs) And he's my favorite person to talk to. 

How did you start dating?

Migs: Ha! Ako naman si pumoporma, pakitang gilas, and best food forward. I was from DLSU and she was from UP. Knew nothing about the area before I visited her for the first time.

Mischi: He picked me up from my house and brought me to school. I think he sat in in one of my classes and during break time or after class, he tried to teach me how to drive! (Laughs)

Migs: Sabi ko, “Turuan kita mag-drive” Hashtag style!

How about when you became boyfriend and girlfriend? Can you describe what happened? 

Migs: August 1, 2009. Muntik pang hindi matuloy “proposal” ko nun because the weather was so bad.

Mischi: It was a rainy day. Migs being the romantic that he is sent a dress to my house with a note that I was supposed to wear it. He picked me up and we had dinner at one of the restaurants at The Fort.

Migs: (It was) surreal and unforgettable. The place was quiet and pang date place talaga, so na-absorb namin yung moment.

Mischi: During dinner, he asked the question. I remember I answered saying, "Yes, yes, yes." (Laughs) Three yeses. I was very giddy and kilig

Cute! Has anything topped that moment since? 

Migs: Every time we travel. It started around 2012, whether in the Philippines or international. Kahit butas ang bulsa, unforgettable naman ang memories. Travel for us in an investment na hindi mapapantayan or mahihigitan ng material things. 

Mischi: The day he proposed to me during a quick trip to Singapore last year. He made me that morning coffee and told me that he was going to make me coffee for the rest of our lives. I didn't realize he was going to propose that afternoon in a museum, with our best friends hiding. One of the best moments of my life ever. 

Migs: Now that we’re getting married, it’s a big thing to have those kinds of experiences and remind us why we belong together.

You both lead such busy lives. Has work ever gotten in the way of your relationship?

Mischi: I think our careers have made us mature as individuals and as a couple. He's in media and I'm a flight attendant. We both have crazy schedules but we just know how to make it work. We've also become very understanding of the nature of our jobs. 

Migs: Not really but (it was) more of natural to support each other sa career. I remember when we were younger, we were working in different fields. I was working in the Sports/Basketball coaching industry, while she was a field reporter. My job was stressful and full of headaches and Mischi was always listening to my work kwentos. (At the same time) I was always worried for her when she would get deployed to drug operations, typhoons...basta lahat ng dangerous na lugar, nandun siya. When we shifted careers, ako naman sa media, it helped a lot when Mischi was still in (media) kasi pinagdadaanan ko yung napagdaanan nya. And she understands my work struggles too. Hindi siya “alien”. Now that Mischi is a cabin crew, I fully support her passion for travel even though it means more time away from each other. But I know that she loves what she’s doing (and) who am I para kontrahin yun or hindi yun suportahan? Because she’s always been supportive of mine, nagkataon lang na sa media din, pero sports naman. So our jobs make us happy because we are passionate about it.

What’s the secret behind your “coupledom success?"

Mischi: Trust, communication, forgiveness.

Migs: I’ve been in a lot of relationships and perhaps nakatulong yun sakin when I came into this (one). The disadvantage (in) only seeing (each other) on average once a week during our 8-year relationship (is something) we turned into a luxury, kasi hindi kami nagkakasawaan sa isa’t isa. At the same time, we always make sure to choose our battles and maintindihan ang isa’t isa. Hindi naman kailangan istress ang sarili kung wala naman ding silbi.

Mischi: We also don't let our pride get in the way. 

Migs: I don’t think parehas kamingma-pride”. In the heat of some moments, yes we will defend our principles, pero hindi kami nagtatanim ng galit sa isa’t isa, nor nanunumbat.

So when’s the wedding?!

Mischi: We're getting married this year! 

Migs: October 2018. (Smiles) 

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