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Love Actually: Karylle And Yael Yuzon Get Cute And Candid About Married Life!

Love Actually: Karylle And Yael Yuzon Get Cute And Candid About Married Life!

The first time singer-host Karylle Tatlonghari and Sponge Cola frontman Yael Yuzon met was far from typical. When asked about it, they’d joke how it happened at a children’s party in the 80s with Karylle a toddler and Yael a fetus in his mom’s womb! A chance encounter at an Eraserheads' concert, several tweets, and support from good friends decades later would, however, pave the way for these two music artists to get to know one another before and even after tying the knot! Read on as the happily married couple and belVita Breakfast Biscuit endorsers share deets on everything from their domestic life to baby plans in the works!

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You've been married for four years. So far may nadiscover ka ba kay Yael na hindi mo ineexpect na siya pala 'to?

Yael: Kilala mo naman ako nung pinakasalan mo ako, eh, so parang I think we're good to go. Parang wala namang surprising for me.

Karylle: I guess the fact lang na he doesn't like to travel outside of his comfort zone.

Y: Woah. First of all, I really wanna go to Guam... 

K: That's still America. Yael kasi likes to travel to America, Hong Kong, and Singapore because I worked there before.

Y: It's taxing to be applying for a visa everywhere.

K: We're trying to go to something new and it's a bit of a…kailangan kilitiin siya, ganun

Y: Our relatives are in L.A. kasi so I like going to L.A. It's a familiar place. When I get there I drive, I know my way around, I know where to go.

What's the best part about being married?

K: Having a partner. Knowing that someone's there for you (who) you can (talk to) about your great days and you wanna share it na, "Oh my gosh, guess what happened? I got a call from aaaah! We're gonna leave aaahh!"

Y: That really happens. That's really how it sounds.

K: The highs and lows like, "I think I'm gonna be sad, can you make sure you're free from this time to this time because expect a call, I think it's not gonna be a good day."

Y: When K is sad, like around 9 PM (she will say), "Are you done with gym time? Is it K time now?" So, yeah, sad day for K."

K: When I have a sad day, you know that someone is there for you. And when you are in a restaurant and you're waiting (like), "Andyan na ba sya?" 

Y: And she also has a 24/7 masahista!

K: Yeah!

Y: …Because I'm pretty good at that, I think. Or are you just faking it?

K: No! 

What's been your favorite moment so far as husband and wife?

Y: Don't say massage, I'm more than that!

K: No, no. I guess recently, because I haven't really watched a big gig of Yael recently. UP Fair was really special for us. Right now, the band scene is in a good place and we do a lot of things to support it. We go to a lot of gigs.

Y: I love how right now the band scene is kind of the underdog. It's like, you know how Robin is always been doing well but people don't necessarily have to talk about (him) a lot because he’s just there helping Batman out? I don't know why that's the analogy. But it's a great Robin situation.

K: Because we’re from a musical family, (music is) always our topic of conversation. So, seeing him on Valentine's weekend was very special.  

Y: Thousands of people at 2 AM (and) not leaving because despite being late. It was fun.

K: Especially when the lights come on. Ah, you really have to watch it! 

Y: She filmed it. It's on our Facebook page if you want to watch. It's worth it. She shot it, I edited. What's funny was, we finished at 2:56 AM tapos I had a flight and my call time in the airport (was) 4:30. So, what we did was we went home and I edited it. She was helping me pack (while) I was editing and then we sent it. Siya pa yung nag-assist sakin magsuot ng shoes so I was like, "Okay let's put on shoes now, okay next shoe, got it, okay." I left, she uploaded it so by the time I got to the airport, uploaded na. Tas parang, “Yes teamwork!” It's seven minutes long but I can't cut (it) because there are so many great moments. Or maybe I couldn't cut because I (didn't) have enough time. 

How about when you have conflicts? How do you handle them?

Y: We don't really have a lot of conflicts. I'm never angry, actually. I'm only angry at one person right now. His name is Zaza Pachulia. He plays for the Golden State Warriors.

K: Yael!

Y: I don't really hate on a lot of things so we don't really fight.  

Who's the more domesticated between you?

K: Both of us, I think. 

Y: But the question is kung sino mas? That would be me.

K: No! You don't clean!

Y: That's ''cause I'm a guy. But I cook.

K: But that's not the main chore.

Y: But you can survive with like a dirty floor but you're not gonna survive without food. Aha! I win!

K: No.

Y: What? Okay fine. But let's just give it to her.

K: It's a tie because I'm the cleaner. I sometimes cook on the weekend.

Y: Question: When you make a brown rice how many cups of water do you put?

K: One cup of rice is to two cups of water.

Y: Hah! You've learned.

K: I've always known that, hello! 

How do you divide the chores between you?

K: Cleaning is for K.

Y: I'm not much of cleaner.

K: Actually, we're originally two messy people so I really have to step up.

Y: I'm normally the one who cooks. Pero we shake things up. We're both experimental. Sometimes she'll come up with some avocado dish, that's usually her like ingredient of choice. I'll come up with the usual stuff. 

K: Breakfast is your thing.

Yael: I research on YouTube also. We get recipes there. I got my sweet mashed potato recipe from there. (It goes) great with steak.  

How do you influence each other?

K: Depends on the season. Kasi nga pag ganito, busy season, mahirap. We really try to be (in) tip-top shape. It's a lot of workout(s). Yael is the leader 'pag workout.

Y: She sometimes surrenders to fatigue, so I say we are too young to be tired.

K: Everyday 'to eh.

Y: I never stop kasi that's what it takes. 

Any plans to have babies?

K: Hopefully soon. We're trying to be our best, healthiest selves.

Y: Kasi mapapass down namin yun genetically eh. Gusto ko lang yung anak namin maging achiever. Someone who's great academically but also great at sports.

K: Praying many blessings upon our future children! 

Who's going to be the strict parent?

K: Not me, I don't wanna be the hated one. 

Y: I think it will work out. 

K: I really love parenting skills 'cause sometimes I hear people praise my dad and my mom. Parang sabi ko, "Gawin ko nga rin yun if I find parents (saying) na parang, "Galing ng kids niyo, I'm sure you raise them in a certain way." So I've been trying to appreciate that. Syempre diba may mga mom shaming na raw ngayon. So I'm trying to counter that.

Y: I think this started in K when we were in Hong Kong. There was a long line for Immigration tapos there was this 4 year-old kid carrying yung sarili niyang backpack. Tapos parang may stroller pa siya. I'm sure konti lang laman nun pero yung idea lang na, 'Wow you can carry your own bag, you don't need someone to help you.' Gusto ko yung kaya namin makipag-Amazing Race with our kid!

-Interview by Christine Carreon

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Photographs taken from Yael Yuzon and Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon's Instagram accounts



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