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Cheat Sheet: We Kid You Not—Here’s How You Can Score The Best Airfare Deals!

Cheat Sheet: We Kid You Not—Here’s How You Can Score The Best Airfare Deals!

Airfare is considerably one of the biggest expenses when travelling. But by keeping your eyes peeled on good deals, you can save a ton of money! After all, every cent counts.

There’s no better time to travel, especially with more affordable flights and packages now available. Even with a tight budget, getting to your dream destination becomes a cinch! Here’s how to sniff out the best deals:

1. Fly out from provincial airports. Doing so is significantly cheaper than you'd think. Philippine Airlines (PAL), for example, offers everyday low fares from Clark, Cebu, and Davao. PAL’s Economy Basic from Cebu can go for as low as P488 (one-way base fare); from Clark, fares start at P888 (one-way base fare), and from Davao, fares start at P988. These aren’t promo fares, btw. They’re actual fares for regular flights! 

2. Book one way. We grew up thinking that booking round-trip tickets was the way to go, but it might actually be cheaper to fly in one city (say, Bohol) and out another (like Cebu). If you’re schedule is a bit flexible, why not? You can take the time to check out other tourist spots in between. 

3. Don't book too far in advance. We all know that if we want to save money on airfare, we shouldn’t be booking flights last minute. But did you know that booking too early can also be expensive? If you book early, you risk missing out on seasonal promo fares. According to, the best time to buy a domestic plane ticket is around 47-54 days before your scheduled flight.  

Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation also warn against booking on a Friday since prices go up (you’re competing with business travelers and other vacationers flying out for the weekend). The best day to book is on a Sunday, and in general, the cheapest days to fly out would be Tuesday and Wednesday. 

4. Clear your Cookies. Have you ever noticed how when you’re browsing on one site and move to another, the pop-up ads are exactly the items or topics you were just reading about? Online marketing has become so sophisticated that some agencies actually track your searches and online behavior. Though not technically proven, prices for flights that are searched frequently are said to go up. So when checking and booking flights, set your browser to incognito or clear your cookies/cache. 

5. Calculate the overall deal. When it comes to looking for a great deal, it’s not always about looking for the cheapest ticket. It’s about getting the best and fairest price. Always consider that calculating for travel expenses goes beyond airfare. Some airlines will draw you in with super low base fares, but with all of the add-ons—snacks, drinks, etc.—the total value can double up!

While most of us would be willing to make a few sacrifices in order to get a cheaper flight, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise comfort and security. There are airlines out there that can give you all the perks without draining your wallet. 

PAL’s Economy Basic fares, for instance, include snacks. You’ll feel pampered too because of their comfortable seats and their exceptional heartfelt service. From check-in to lift off to landing, you’re well taken care of. What’s more, the national carrier Philippine Airlines was recently recognized as the first and only 4-star airline in the country by Skytrax, the global air transport rating authority. Now that’s the stamp of approval we can all get behind!  

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