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Hot Stuff: All The Hot Deets At Coleen's Enviable Bachelorette Party In Hawaii By Ria Atayde

Hot Stuff: All The Hot Deets At Coleen's Enviable Bachelorette Party In Hawaii By Ria Atayde

A beach getaway with your squad is a surefire way to get the party started—especially if that party just so happens to be your bachelorette! On February 4, actress Coleen Garcia and five of her besties flew out of busy, bustling Manila and into the sandy shores of Hawaii to celebrate the Sin Island star’s final months as a single lady. The rest of that week saw her bridesmaids blowing up social media with pics of their adventures! They even had a hashtag for it: #AlohaMissGarcia.

In a conversation with ABS-CBN Lifestyle, Ria explained that Hawaii is the kind of place that really suited the bride-to-be’s personality. It was also an exciting choice because none of them had ever been there. “That was our first time. And we like hiking, we love the beach, shopping, surfing—it made perfect sense,” she said.

The 25-year-old actress took it upon herself to plan the trip. Nights before, she would resend a Google Doc of the itinerary to Coleen and the bridesmaids. She also included lists of places and restaurants recommended to them by other people.

Part of the plan included a watching a luau at the Polynesian Culture Center. “I threw that for her,” she revealed. “I got everybody tickets and that was my gift to her already. It was fun! We watched the show (and) they showed Tahiti and Konga culture.”

Out of all the activities they did, hiking was one of Ria’s faves. “We hiked Koko Head Crater. It’s like an old railroad. It’s super steep and you have to climb. It was hard,” she said.

Perhaps it wasn’t so much the difficulty of the hike at was the time the cousins spent bonding there that made Ria consider it special. She pointed out, “Coleen and I were actually roommates but that was really the only time that it was just the two of us. Everyone else stayed behind.”

She adds, “We had a little moment where we both just talked about (how) now that she’s getting married things shouldn’t change. Our dynamic will still be the same ‘cause it’s not like Billy takes her away from me. We made that promise (to) each other”.

The bachelorette trip also brought the entire squad closer together. “Thing is, we all knew each other to begin with. Coleen connected us,” Ria explained. “We (would) be around each other but we never got the chance to talk. So, this time…I feel na parang all her friends are (my) friends also!”

And for those who were wondering where their super cute beachwear came from? “Swim by Eve gave us the matching swimsuits. The hats were by Style Preview Manila. We (also) got tote bags with Coleen’s dog, Summer, as the picture. We bought lace lang so that we could take photos for the bachelorette,” Ria confessed. Everything else came straight from their own stylish closets! 

Would she go back? Absolutely. “I fell in love with Hawaii,” Ria exclaimed. “Super erratic weather but it’s such a beautiful place. Lots of things to do, so many spots I still want to see, lots of hikes I wanna do…and Coleen’s game to go. So, we’ll probably will.”

Ria also dished on some intimate wedding deets! “She’s sending the ‘Save The Date’ invite soon. It’s gonna be in Balesin on April 20 but they’re also doing a Manila reception after. 300 guests—they’re trying to keep it as intimate it as it can be.” 

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Photographs from Coleen Garcia and Ria Atayde's Instagram accounts



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