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Love Actually: After Leaving A Famed DJ Duo, Deuce Finds Greater Love In MK Thompson

Love Actually: After Leaving A Famed DJ Duo, Deuce Finds Greater Love In MK Thompson

It may seem cliché to say this out loud, but as tired as it already seem, everyone will surely attest to this – “lucky are those who have found their soul mates!” But whether you believe in fate or not, it’s hard to argue that there are a lucky few who we can say have already met their other half. And this rings true with the story of DJs Patty Tiu and Mark Thompson. Both within the same industry and stand out musicians in their own right, theirs is a meeting of modern serendipity. And what pulls everything together is, they just got engaged!

How did the two of you first meet?

Mark: We already knew each other from our DJ circle but we never saw each other “that” way, because Patty, at that moment, was into girls. (laughs)

And how did you, Patty, find Mark in the beginning?

Patty: I always had my eye on Mark cause he was just that guy who was also always around with my other friends. I knew he was doing radio at the moment, and every time we’d see each other, it was more just like a “hi/hello” kind of thing. He’s always very shy to start a conversation with me but I always saw him as this cute little kid!

So at what moment did you realize you were in love?

M: Nothing was planned. We really just liked being around each other, and Patty didn’t want anything too serious at the moment. That was one major thing I love about her, her honesty. I remember her being in tears and we had that long talk in her balcony when she said she was ready. We just fell in love with each other everyday.

How did you become “official”?

M: We said our “I love you’s” and we told each other we were in love after one wonderful date night!

What are your biggest similarities?

P: We’re both very passionate at everything that we do. Actually sometimes even obsessive. What I love about Mark is that he supports me in all the things I want to achieve. Our relationship never hindered us from being the persons we want to become.

And what would you say your biggest differences would be?

M: Differences? Patty likes to do things like The Flash. She wakes up and gets things done, and I’m really slow in the morning. She hates it! (laughs)

What is you favorite memory of each other?

P: My favorite memory of Mark is when I had to leave for a few days for an out of the country gig and he watched over my mom like his own. I will never forget that. He’s been a bundle of joy to my whole family ever since my dad passed away.

What do you love most about the other?

P: Mark has the kindest heart. He looks so tough and masungit on the outside but he cares so much about his family, his friends and gives his everything to reach his goals and dreams. I don’t think I’ll ever find a man like that ever in this lifetime! I’m so lucky!

How do you handle conflict?

M: Patty and I have conflicts all the time. But just really small ones. I know the level of maturity in our relationship is really there, that’s why when we encounter issues we talk about it! We let each other feel we respect each other’s differences, and at the end of the day, even if we don’t agree on something, we know how much we love each other.

What’s one thing about each other that people don’t know?

P: People don’t know Mark’s just 22 and I’m already 28 years old. Age is just a number! (laughs)

How do you make your relationship work?

M: We make our relationship work by respecting each other, giving each other our 100% trust, honesty, not caring about the superficial things and never forgetting about our love for each other. It also helps cause sometimes Patty is like a dude (laughs) I’m actually the more sensitive one sometimes, it sucks!

How do you stay connected despite the ‘disconnect’ brought by social media and technology?

P: When we’re together we know when to put our phones down and stop the world. Just me and him. The rest can wait!

Any plans for the future?

P: Well, he just proposed, and I said Yes! Yes to everything!

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