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Love Actually: Who Wouldn't Go On A Double Date With Crossfit Hotties Marco Yulo And Iñigo Dulay?

Love Actually: Who Wouldn't Go On A Double Date With Crossfit Hotties Marco Yulo And Iñigo Dulay?

Poster boys of Crossfit in Manila—best friends Marco Yulo and Iñigo Dulay—are whom you girls would dream to be in a dreamy double date with. They're pretty much two peas in a pod, who rather built their friendship on their oddities.  It’s very telling of their friendship, though. Athletes since grade school, the 27-year-olds are closer than ever thanks to their shared humor and, now, passion for the same sport. It’s the kind of "love"—“bromance,” if you will—that has manifested itself online for the two sought after Crossift trainers. They even have a nickname for it: #DoubleTrouble!

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So, you've been friends for a long time...

Iñigo: We were schoolmates back in grade school.

Marco: We’re from LSGH. He was in the football team (while) I was in basketball. We knew of each other but towards the end of high school our barkadas got close and we started hanging out a lot.

I: (It’s) probably (also) because we always had the same interests.

M: (And) those times we were going out with the barkada. Mga Fiamma and Jills days where we would end up sleeping over cause one or both of us couldn’t drive anymore. (Laughs)

How did Crossfit come into the picture then?

I: We were planning our Laboracay trip back in 2012 and decided we needed something to help us get fit.

M: I knew he was looking for something new to try out to get gaaiinnzzz. I was also trying to get back in shape for basketball.

I: A friend of ours recommended Crossfit and said it’s a good training program.

M: So, we booked a trial, tried it at the same time, and never looked back.

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You use #DoubleTrouble on a lot of your social posts! How did that start?

I: Well, we were already friends back in high school, but I think it started when we (did) Crossfit. We always trained and competed together. Through ups and downs I would say (the) friendship is awesome!

M: We were inseparable when we started Crossfit. We were doing everything together—training, eating, (even) shopping! That was when #DoubleTrouble was formed. (Laughs)

I: It’s just the bond that we’ve established throughout the years. We know no matter what happens, no one and nothing can break that.

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As close as you are, did Crossfit ever make you competitive with each other?

I: We always compete against each other when we train. It’s part of the sport. We push each other and come competition, we (go) against each other. But at the end of the day it’s all in good fun.

M: In training, I guess. We've been training together for the longest time now and we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. So we try to push each other when we work out. It's (a) good kind of competition. Other than that, we've never competed for a girl. (Laughs)

Besides Crossfit, what would you say are your biggest similarities?

I: I would say we both like hanging out and socializing with friends, traveling to beaches, and playing different sports.

M: We like the company of our friends and loved ones. We (also) enjoy movies.

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How about differences?

I: I can’t recall any differences between us...except that our birthdays are different…

M: He knows how to cook and I don’t! (Laughs) He also has a stronger personality and I'm the laid back kind of guy.

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Last question: What’s one thing that people may not know about the other?

I: Hmmm tough but fun question. There are many things I could but shouldn’t say. (Laughs) One thing though is he’s into hip hop, but you should see him belt it out to Adele!

M: He's going to kill me but for those who are curious he has a big surprise in his room: a big portrait of himself staring at you!

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Photography by Vyn Radovan | Banner edit by Erika Ocampo



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