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#ChalkLovesElNella: Janella Salvador & Elmo Magalona Open Up About Their Real-Life Closeness

#ChalkLovesElNella: Janella Salvador & Elmo Magalona Open Up About Their Real-Life Closeness



There's no question about Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona's captivating chemistry. Widely known as ElNella, their tandem is a phenomenon in its own right, considering the massive following and media hype they've been getting since they were paired in the 2016 series Born For You. But what makes their loveteam a true success is how they've formed a genuine bond outside of work, far from prying eyes and rolling cameras.

Arriving on our set hand in hand is an obvious sign that their relationship has certainly translated from reel to real. But looking back to the first time they met, Janella and Elmo admit that they couldn't ever imagine being this close. "I thought we wouldn’t get along because we’re both quiet and reserved," shares Janella.

But after their trip to Japan where they shot scenes for Born For You, things surprisingly headed to a different direction. "It's funny how we both set foot on the plane without knowing each other at all," recalls Janella, to which Elmo adds, "And then it felt like we came back to Manila as completely different people." Their ice breaker? "Everyone on the plane was super tired on our way home. But then, I realized that she was still awake. So, I opened this app called Heads Up," Elmo narrates. "We just kept on playing and we got along because I found out that she's into old-school music. There was this category that was like charades but for music, and we really bonded over that."

Aside from Japan, Janella and Elmo have also been to London, New York, and Canada together. But another out-of-the-country trip that's particularly not work-related is the one they took in Singapore. "It was my brother's seventh birthday, and we invited Elmo," Janella mentions. To this, Elmo chimes in, "It’s really surprising that she’s very expressive and vocal about this. She used to be really private about going out of the country, not for work but for vacation." At this point, our ElNella hearts were already melting. "Hearing her talk about this trip makes me happy. It’s something that she's not so comfortable before, but witnessing her open up about it feels really nice," he adds. Aww! Clearly, their relationship is progressing in all the right ways!

Apart from music and travel, Janella and Elmo's connection runs deep. When asked about how the key to their real-life closeness, Elmo answers, "It’s very important that we’re both open with each other. I can be open to her about stuff that's bothering me and vice-versa. It’s nice to know that there’s someone in the industry who will really have your back."

And during the times when the pressures of show business are weighing them down, the pair can count on each other to shift their focus back to their true passions. "When we’re down, we know the right words to encourage each other kasi nga we know kung ano yung gusto naming marating together and even as individuals. We share that with each other," confides Janella.


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These two may be starring in the Valentine film My Fairy Tail Love Story, but Janella and Elmo's romance is far from make-believe, and we can't wait to witness how it further unfolds.

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Photographed by Andrea Beldua
Styled by Bonita Peñaranda (Janella) and Myrrh Lao To, Assisted by Carvey Samonte & Zia dela Rosa (Elmo)
Makeup by Effie Iñigo
Hair by Ezekiel Otilla
Grooming by Aimee Grey
Shot on Location at Joy-Nostalg Hotel and Suites



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