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Love Actually: Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador Harmonize In More Ways Than Singing!

Love Actually: Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador Harmonize In More Ways Than Singing!

Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona, a.k.a #ElNella, may have only been a love team for a few years now. But in no way has that stopped their devoted fans (and practically the entire country) from going ga ga. Their pairing couldn’t be more natural. Both come from musically-inclined families. They themselves are fantastic performers. Their on and off-screen chemistry stems from common interests. And they aren’t the type to hide how special they are to each other.  

At present, the good looking tandem is busy promoting their latest movie, My Fairy Tail Love Story, set for Valentine’s Day release. We just got to interview the pair, who we're telling you couldn't help but hide their shy smiles and stolen looks! 

We love that you're both singers! How would you describe each other musically?

Elmo: I’m the baby, Janella is the cradle!

Janella: Grabe naman! (Laughs)

E: No, Janella kasi, her levels of singing—maraming levels. Her range is rare. She’s a singer naman talaga. She’s exceptional.

J: Ikaw rin kaya! I think we balance each other out, yung voices namin. They’re not alike; they’re different.

E: Our voices complement each other kasi magka-iba yung style.

Your work requires you to use your voice a lot. Do you take extra steps to take care of your it?

E: Yes, it’s really important for us. Rest talaga eh. Rest is number one—

J: For you to be able to sing properly.

How about restrictions?

J: Ako talaga, matigas ulo ko sa ganyan.

E: No, you stop din naman yourself pag may performance or when we try to sing.

J: Yup, but hindi ako yung nagsasalabat talaga.

E: Ako, for me, rest talaga.

Both of you are big on social media—influencers even. Some refer to you guys as a power couple. What do you feel about that?

J: Wow.

E: I don’t know how to feel about that and answer that—being called a power couple. Kami naman when we post stuff online we don’t try to do it for the sake of, “Let’s get likes blah blah blah”. We just really like to spread happiness.

J: And like, when we post things, yung moment, we just want to post lang talaga

E: Well, I’m the one who posts more when it’s in the moment.

J: Yeah, ang tagal ko kasi mag-edit.

(Both laugh)

E: Ako, and I guess the both of us, try to share what’s happening in the daily. I don’t know how to feel being called that.

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

J: That’s hard.

E: Her…smell.

J: Smell? Really? Umm, his eyebags. Alam na niya ‘yun eh! (Laughs) It’s his asset.

Are there other things that make you compatible with each other? Aside from singing?

Both: Eating? (Laughs)

J: We eat a lot! Minsan nagshe-share kami, hindi lang sa singing. Like pagdating sa music, we share each other’s music kasi magkaiba kami ng genre ng pinapakinggan and we like to share it. Minsan, napapakinggan na namin yung music ng isa’t-isa kasi I listen to old music and he listens to–

E: New music.

Do you guys get into fights? How do you resolve them?

E: It’s normal when you’re usually together almost everyday working, ganyan, but we choose to talk about it.

J: Yeah! We always make sure na when we have a misunderstanding or anything, kailangan talaga pag-usapan. Cause we can’t really work, lalo na that we’re working with each other all the time. You can’t.

E: It’s hard to.

J: Yeah, it’s hard. You have to—

E: Get up the next day and may away pa rin. Siyempre, we have to go through it muna. Parang may tampuhan but (in) the end, we try to talk about it para it stops na from there.

How how does it feel working on so many projects together?

E: It’s good kasi like this movie that we did, parang it’s another level of trusting each other. Others might think, “Aren’t you getting tired of working with each other? This next project it’s you guys again.” I find it really cool na everytime we have a different project, we always tackle it in a different way.

J: Yes, and this is the first movie together na focus talaga on the love kasi siyempre our first movie was Bloody Crayons and it was more of the suspense. So ito talaga we were able to focus on the—

E: Romance.

All your past projects have been very light drama. Are you ready for your next project to be more dramatic?

J: Honestly, ako, we talked about it, eh.

E: What would you prefer ba?

J: I’d rather stick muna with the lightness. I mean, may kilig pa rin but not super-duper heavy na stressful.

E: Siyempre, parang yun pa rin yung gusto ko gawin na light. Pero I also want to tackle heavy parts of the show when needed.

J: Yeah, when it’s needed.

E: Pero wag muna sobrang bigat baka lalo bumigat yung eyebags ko! (Laughs)

What’s the best experience during your shoot for My Fairy Tail Love Story?

J: Oh my gosh.

E: I think it’s really the underwater scenes.

J: Yeah!! Even if we got sunog. It was super fun. It was (also) challenging kasi we were under the sun the whole day, morning to evening. But it was worth it kasi napakaganda underwater.

E: Super nice and that was my first time to shoot underwater and like…akala ko nung una parang, “Okay, so this is how it goes.” Pero nung underwater na talaga, “Direk, isa pa please. Isa pa, I can’t hold my breath that long.” So it was an experience.

How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day after the premiere of the movie?

E: Well, if there’s time, then I have—

J: What?

E: I don’t want to tell you yet but I have something naman in mind.

J: What?

E: Basta when there’s time but I’m not getting my hopes up that high because alam ko whenever we have a movie parang you really have to put in your whole day for that. So I’m not really expecting but if there is then—

J: (Snickers)

E: Surprise! (Laughs)

—Interview by Denice Dinsay

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Photographs taken from Janella Salvador's and Elmo Magalona's Instagram accounts. Banner Image by Lui Jimenez.



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