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Love Actually: Quark Henares And Bianca Yuzon Find Love In Their Penchant For The Quirky And Quaint

Love Actually: Quark Henares And Bianca Yuzon Find Love In Their Penchant For The Quirky And Quaint

When Quark Henares first laid eyes on his singer-songwriter girlfriend Bianca Yuzon in 2015, it was, to say the least, game on for the director. And with good reason, too. It’s not every day that you meet someone who turns out to share your unique passions and interests. Nor is it that that someone could be capable of changing life as you know it.

Their story is one of instant chemistry. And we’d like to think that when two creatives fall in love, it becomes match made in artistic heaven. The couple recently shared with us intimate details about how they got together and why, despite some obvious differences (read: he's 37 and she's 26), they just work.

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We hear you met at a buffet? 

Bianca: We met at the dessert section. The halo-halo station, to be exact. (Laughs)

Quark: (It was) at a Christmas party in Alphaland City Club. I saw this cutie with blue hair talking to my little cousin.

B: We were discussing my favorite anime, Attack on Titan, and (Quark) sort of chimed in the conversation.

Q: I think I said something dopey like, “Oh, the company I work for distributes that online!” (Laughs)

B: I don’t think Q even knew anything about AoT...but then we started talking about film and found out that we both attended The New York Film Academy at some point. Before I knew we were whipping out our phones and showing each other snippets of things and people we liked.

What were the first things you noticed about each other?

Q: Blue hair. That, to me, was really cute. And the nicest eyes. She was a bit awkward, which I loved. I think it came to a point when we first talked that it was just the two of us and we had been talking for an hour. And people around us started noticing and giving looks. We both got conscious and parted, but eventually found a way to hang out a little more.

B: I thought he was witty and smart. He had a brilliantly infectious, one-of-a-kind energy that added a sort of vibrancy to everything else in the room. Older—especially with that beardy beard!—but with the heart of a child. And strange. (Laughs)

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Did you date right away? 

Q: Well, the first time I asked her to hang out was to watch Deadpool with friends, which wasn't really first-date appropriate. I think right after that we watched Kakaba Kaba Ka Ba, which was good because her Tita showed up in the cast. The first time I took Bianca out was, more apt, to a play by Red Turnip productions called Constellations. That was very intimate and nice.

B: I remember when he messaged me asking if I wanted to watch Constellations with him. I thought to myself, “Ooh, schnazzy. It’s not everyday, or at least based on my experience it isn’t, that a guy asks you to watch a play on the first date.”

Q: I took her to Señor Pollo in Poblacion, which at the time was more of a quaint neighborhood with some cool upstart restaurants.

B: He picked me up, opened doors, and did gentleman-ly things in Taft right after I auditioned for a short film called Outside by direk Dani Chuatico. After the play, we had dinner at Señor Pollo in Poblacion. I think this was the first time we truly got to talk one on one. I was amazed at how it felt like we’d known each other for ages…and a little freaked out at how every time I brought up a certain musician or actor—say, Daniel Radcliffe—he would show me a photo of them together or tell me a story of his encounter with aforementioned artist.

Q: I think the burgis girl in her quite enjoyed this hidden dinner spot.  

B: I’ll never forget the feeling of just laughing with him as we drank and scarfed down our chicken, plantains, and mac n’ cheese. Oh, and side note: he must have been a lucky charm of sorts because I bagged the role I auditioned for!

How did dating progress to you becoming boyfriend and girlfriend?

Q: So, my band Perfect Sound Forever had a gig at Route 196 and I invited her. She said she wouldn’t show up, so I got really upset. I said, “No! You have to go!” (Laughs)

B: He stressed that it was super important that I attend, even if I had seen him perform with his other bands at that point.

Q: She was taken aback because I didn’t really “make tampo.” But for good reason! We played Paul McCartney’s "Silly Love Songs," which I dedicated to her. I told her this would be the first time I’d ever say this, and sang the chorus’ “I love you” on repeat.

B: I freaked out…and apparently, in Q fashion, this meant that he wanted to make things official. And I did, too, so here we are!

How did people react?

B: All good vibes! Our friends and family were really awesome and supportive. Even strangers, but that’s a story for another time. (Winks)

Q: They were really happy. I was part of a group called "Singles of Manila" so it didn't seem like I was going to get into a relationship anytime soon. Then, Bianca happened. 

You guys seem to have a lot in common!

B: We’re both passionate about film and music. We love to explore new places and eat our way through them at the same time. We also happen to have the same sense of humor—a  mix of Portlandia, SNL, making fun of each other, and quotes from our favorite comics, which sometimes only we get and have to keep to ourselves because laughing would be totally inappropriate in certain situations.

Q: We're both artists, but don't really have that artist temperament. In which case it's safe to say that we're both... jolly people.  Oh, and we both have amazing taste in pop culture. 

Is there anything that makes you two different?

B: I think Q’s mutant ability is to produce copious amounts of energy for long periods of time. I always tease him about his FOMO and had to adjust to the fact that a night out with him usually meant going to six events or a bajillion places—and this is after work and working out and in between DJ gigs, which is a super power in itself. This is something I can manage, but not everyday! I definitely need more down time.  

Q: She loves healthy food; I don't. But that's good for me because now I'm getting into it. She loves the outdoors; I don't. Again, that's good for me because I've been getting to see more of the Philippines.

B: He’s (also) more of a comics and graphic novel kind of guy. I like my books lengthy and epic. We seem to have found a good balance as of late.

There's also your age difference. Has that ever affected your relationship?

Q: Bianca says the age gap is for the better. I actually tend to agree!

B: I feel like it enhances (our relationship) because I learn a lot from him. But like I mentioned earlier, he really is a kid at heart, so (I) barely feel the gap unless it comes to certain pop culture references!

Both of you work day jobs. Where do you find time for each other?

B: We do our best to create windows of quality time around work and other obligations, especially since there’s so much we want to see and do.

Q: The good thing is that when we get into relationships we're both clingy. We want to do everything together. Also, Bianca works at Tarsier Records in QC but lives in Alabang. So, my place in BGC is the perfect halfway house. 

And when you do make time, what do you bond over?

B: Music, movies, podcasts about music and movies, breakfast buffets, our friends (both human and fur baby, hi Cu!), hiking, alternate dimensions, and our mischievous gray cat-son and art critic, Sunny Jim (@sunnyjimartcat) (Smiles)

Q: Sounds boring but that's probably why finding someone you can just be quiet and enjoy good art with is a rare and beautiful thing. Also: FOOD. And our special barkada: Scarlet Snowybear and Sunny Jim. 

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Photographs taken from Bianca Yuzon's and Quark Henares' Instagram accounts. Banner Image by Lui Jimenez.



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