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Love Actually: The Rock Of Sports Journos Nikko Ramos And Bea Fabregas's Relationship? Friendship!

Love Actually: The Rock Of Sports Journos Nikko Ramos And Bea Fabregas's Relationship? Friendship!

It might ring true for some couples—being too similar and familiar with each other can make one half of the relationship feel unexcited. Or, let’s say it, bored. But not in the case of young media personalities Bea Fabregas and Nikko Ramos. They’re both UP graduates, former UAAP courtside reporters, radio jocks, hosts, NBA fans, sportswear and athleisure ambassadors, collegiate basketball supporters, and social media influencers, among others. Yet, these rocks only came off as the solid foundation of their friendship that then led to an almost-foolproof relationship! Off their busy schedules, the two gave us some bits on their story, that only had us believe that sometimes in romance, it’s better to be friends first before becoming lovers! (We sense some of you nodding!)

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So, you met at the radio booth way back as young jocks…
Nikko: We I was still a young DJ at Magic and Bea was still a Junior Jock. We weren’t the closest of friends those first few years. We had different radio schedules and barely saw each other. But obviously we became a lot closer as the years went by.
Bea: He was a fresh grad and already a DJ, and he was actually dating another junior jock who was about to graduate college, I think. And I don’t know what he thought of me but I didn’t really mind or talk to him!

Let’s get to the first impressions!
B: To be honest, my first impression of Nikko was that he was arrogant—he knows this so he won’t get mad at me! (Laughs) I don’t want to say “KSP,” but fine let’s use that. I know that sounds mean but that’s my honest answer. When we ended up being partners for our former radio show in 2014, I found out that he wasn’t arrogant. (And that) he was just really smart. He wasn’t KSP, he was just really clever! We worked extremely well together, and that was so unexpected. He eventually became one of my closest and best friends in the industry.
N: I’ll always remember complimenting her watch! She was wearing a Lego watch, one I always wanted as a kid. I think I had one briefly but lost it as a child. (Laughs) But, yeah, I remember that night. I think she was wearing two sweaters, too. It was cold in the booth! But I always thought she was smart and quick, really sharp and funny!

You’re both busy now as two of the biggest media personalities in your age. So, how do you bond together?
N: We try to use fitness as a way to bond, but hitting the gym is usually interrupted by eating or watching sports. Or both! We do make it a point though to go to church together, and that’s very important to us, to spend that time together with God.
B: We bond over sports, shoes, food, tagging each other on the most random videos online, and talking about work. I know it’s weird and you should have a switch and separate personal and work life. But I guess being in the same industry we like looking out for each other. I love talking about work with Nikko! It doesn’t feel like a burden, I feel we bond the most when we tell each other how our workdays went. Workaholics?! (Laughs)
N: We used to work together for (a cable channel news show). She would write and report. I was head writer. Also, we host together now a bit. It’s always a fun experience to work together! We know each other so well, it’s almost automatic!

Where have you traveled the farthest together?
N: We’re on our way to the US in a week or so. I’ll let you know how it goes when we get back! (Laughs)
B: We’re also going to watch an NBA game together this year! I’m so, so, so, so, so, so, so mega excited for that! But we’ve been on beach trips and they’re always amazing.
N: We once went to Davao, got off the plane for five minutes, got on the same plane, and flew back home. It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind-of, sort-of trip. (Laughs)

Tell us about your entire list of favorite topics to discuss together!
B: I definitely have to say sports and shoes.
N: Why Kobe’s 5 (exceeds) Duncan’s 5 and it’s not even an argument! (Laughs) But truly, we always discuss sports, movies, and other people’s cute babies.

What do you fight about?
N: No couple can say they don’t fight. And we have disagreements as well. On March 3, we’ll fly to San Antonio to watch the Spurs play the Lakers. I am predicting a massive fight at around the second quarter! Some things you just can’t ever agree on! (Laughs) Hashtag—LakersForLife!
B: We argue, of course, it would be strange if we didn’t. The worst fight? I can’t remember, but it was probably me being super moody or hangry and just getting mad at something random. Nikko is super mega patient, so I’m blessed.
N: Her confusing list of skincare products. “Can you hand me the moisturizer?” is the most confusing question in the world because which one, and how am I supposed to know? Aren’t all these things moisturizers?

The usual girl-boy thing! How about you, Bea, do you hate anything about Nikko?
B: Hate is a strong word, I don’t hate anything about him. But the weirdest most annoying thing is, he’s so bad with directions on the road. Ilang beses na namin napuntahan, lost pa din sya! (Laughs)

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Photographs courtesy of Nikko Ramos and Bea Fabregas



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