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Cheat Sheet: Here Are The Basics In Pulling Off A White Themed Baby Shower Like Sarah Lahbati’s

Cheat Sheet: Here Are The Basics In Pulling Off A White Themed Baby Shower Like Sarah Lahbati’s

To open the year #blesst, Sarah Lahbati had her shower for baby boy number two. And what else would you expect from the hot momma and It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez star for a party but a bang? We caught the special event ourselves, and it it was definitely one  worth recreating! Seeing Sarah's fiancé Richard Gutierrez hands on, and the couple's first-born Zion being a cutie-patootie host to the guests, we enjoyed ourselves checking out the rest of the white-themed party deets. sponsored by stroller brand Aprica. We went ahead and chatted up  event organizer Katrina Mendoza and event stylist/florist Anne See of See Flowers by Carla about pulling it off!

Tell us more about the theme.
Katrina: Initially, Sarah wanted a travel-themed party, but then she decided for an all white themed baby shower because she wanted it to be clean, fresh, and unique. She specifically instructed an all white look with touches of green (from the leaves) and gold accents. She opted for an all white party because she said blue (for her baby boy) is typical.

How do you make a white themed baby shower, so it won't look like a Christmas celebration?
Anne: Usually we play on the look of an interior-decorated nursery, where the color palette—even if predominantly white—will still have a pop of other earthy colors to make it stand out. In this case, we incorporated greens and pops of gold so it won’t look a Christmas-themed event.

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How do you make white work for baby showers, especially if there are kids running around, carrying chocolates, ice cream, and candies—all of which are not friendly to white pieces?
Anne: A white themed baby shower is actually a classic. The neutralness of this color will actually entice kids to try the sweets bar, which is a colorful contrast. We used different flavors underneath all the white frostings that are familiar to kids, such as chocolate and vanilla.

How did you add the splash of green and gold to make the decorations subtle?
Anne: It was actually Sarah’s preference. She has very good taste with regard to her pegs, so we tried not to overpower the white theme and just added on some props on the table, and mixed it with foliage and gold risers to still achieve her look.

Is there a specific kind of venue that parents must look for to pull off a party like this?
Katrina: Baby showers can be simple: you can have it at home or in smaller venues like private rooms of restaurants. Organizers just have to make sure that there is enough space for the guests' tables, gifts, souvenirs, and games.

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What are the key elements for a baby shower like this? How do you make it kid-friendly?
Katrina: Baby showers are usually for adults, although kids can play some of the baby shower games, too. I can say that the main elements in organizing a baby shower are the venue, food, styling, and games. Just like any party, food and venue are the most important. Styling can be very simple. Games can be very refreshing for the guests as most parties nowadays are kiddie parties, and adult guests don't get to play in party games often.

Can this be done DIY style? How?
Anne: Definitely! My suggestion for DIYs is to concentrate on the content of the sweets bar, and add a beautiful table top fabric that can carry the whole look.

Curious how it went? Check out our gallery above!

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